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Wix is a platform that is known for its free and easy-to-use website builders. The process does not require any skill with regards to coding so that you do not have to hire people to help you build it. SEO as you may know is the strategy that you use to start ranking higher in search engines.

However, the question that you may be asking yourself may be, is the Wix website SEO friendly? Many people have adopted it to run their brands and businesses to save money in the long term but is it compromising their search engine rankings?

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The SEO basics

SEO is how you start ranking higher in search engines as previously stated so that your website is more visible. But how does it work? When you start using this strategy to start bettering your marketing you present your targeted customers with the right information that they are essentially looking for while linking to the high authority sites and gaining your backlinks.

You can do this by doing keyword research and ensuring that your website is structured for search engine crawlers. When you provide the right content you must add the relevant keywords so that they can find you and make sure that it looks natural.

This means it does not look stuffed with SEO keywords that are repetitively used, not as if a robot had written it. Essentially making the article look extremely boring and illegible, this can rank you lower in search engines.

The reason for this is because when there are search queries search engine programs crawl your content and the systems essentially find the overuse of the relevant words to your company which they then indicate as keyword stuffing.

When you integrate an SEO strategy it is important to follow the SEO best practices to better optimize your content and website.

The quality must be high, meaning that your grammar is really good and what you are writing is relevant to the market that you are targeting while being a consistent authority figure in your niche.

Do your keyword research, make sure that it is targeting the relevant market, country, and has different keyword strategies such as placing SEO keywords in different sections like the title.

Is Wix website SEO-friendly?

The Wix SEO capabilities allow you to strategically place the relevant keywords to where you need them to be. This includes the title, image tags, and meta tags to name a few which they do have but not all the features for optimization may be available. They essentially do help provide the right tools so that you can create an SEO-friendly website.

As described above you can begin to garner the understanding that the way you rank higher for search engine optimization is to understand and implement the SEO basics and best practices.

You will need to do an SEO audit to have a good understanding of how well your website is doing. When you consider whether search engines can crawl your site Wix may be a more difficult platform to navigate.

That is why you must structure everything in an easy-to-navigate way. banner

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