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An SEO audit is the process of assessing the SEO performance of a website. Carrying out an SEO audit gives you an idea of how well your site is performing in search results and whether there are any issues that need to be addressed. After an SEO audit, you can then make a plan to make improvements to the site.

Regular SEO audits can allow for continual improvements so that your site’s SEO keeps creating more visitors. Before having an SEO audit carried out, you probably want to know how long it’s going to take. It’s not an instantaneous process, so it’s important to know what to expect.

How Long Does an SEO Audit Take?

How long it takes to carry out an SEO audit can depend on a range of factors. It could take as little as two weeks, or it could take up to six weeks. Of course, some SEO audits could take more time than this. It’s also possible to complete an audit in a shorter time, possibly in as little as a week.

For a very quick SEO audit, you can use a free SEO checker online. This will give you results in only a few seconds or minutes. However, this is a basic way of auditing your SEO. If you want to perform a thorough audit of your website, you should have an SEO agency carry one out for you.

Some things that can affect how long an SEO audit takes include how much you pay and the size of your website. If you want it done faster, you can expect to be charged more. It will also take longer to carry out an SEO audit if you have a larger site. A small website audit could be complete within a week, whereas a larger website could take multiple weeks to complete.

What Does an SEO Audit Involve?

An SEO audit includes several different elements. It will look at a site’s SEO performance in a number of different ways to assess how well it’s performing. Technical audit – This looks at your site from a technical standpoint. It will check for things like broken links or duplicate content that could cause technical SEO issues for your site.

Competitive audit – A competitive audit compares your site with some of your competitors. It shows how well your site is performing against others using some key metrics and offers advice. Content audit – It’s important to examine the content on your sites, such as blog posts and service pages. This type of audit checks keywords used, title tags, and other features.

Link audit – Backlinks are a key SEO factor, so a link audit looks at your site’s link profile. It assesses the number and quality of links pointing to your site.

Social audit – A social audit checks your presence on social platforms, as well as social sharing buttons on your site. Social media isn’t a direct ranking factor for SEO but it does help with a number of factors.

How long an SEO audit takes depends on several things. Speaking to an SEO agency is the best way to determine how long an audit for your website would take. banner

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