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Every business knows the importance of garnering the most eyeballs. But as a business owner how do we promote and advertise our websites so that we can attract potential customers. Many businesses: travel sites, restaurants, sports, and leisure utilize business directories such as TripAdvisor as they are a good way for users and customers to find the kind of business or experience that suits their exact needs as well providing user reviews so that people can document their experience and help others decide whether that business is right for them.

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However, customers and users are not the only beneficiaries of business directories; they are also a great tool for businesses as highly rated businesses that receive a lot of traffic get promoted and displayed on the site and dominate the tops of lists, this drives further traffic and attracts more customers to actually using your site or visit your business in person. With that in mind, if you are a business owner looking to promote your travel site, here are the top 20 business listing sites to get your business out there: is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly. has every step of the travel experience covered, from flights to stags, car rentals to attractions in an easy-to-use, user-friendly homepage that prioritizes the customer experience. This makes it easier for your business to promote itself. When a user arrives at the homepage they are immediately greeted by a handy search bar asking them where they want to go and when to tailor their experience to their trip. From there they can see available hotels/b&bs that suit their budgets and the kind of attractions they’ll expect to see.

Trip advisor is the most recognizable and well-known of the business listing sites and the most trusted when it comes to user reviews and as a place for customers to interact and share their experiences. As the most trusted it is a great boon for your business to be featured on their homepage or at the top of lists. They have categories and lists for almost any kind of business or service, from eateries to escape rooms. With a sleek and easy-to-use site that promises to deliver meaningful brand experiences, there is no better place.

If you have a property in a popular travel destination and you are looking to host your house for holiday goers, day-trippers, or globetrotters to rest their heads for a night and make money in the process, then Airbnb is the one-stop-shop. Now any homeowner can turn their permanent accommodation into a small business. Operating similar to sites such as, Airbnb makes it easy for anyone to make a profit and promote their small business in the hosting, hospitality, and travel industry. is another extremely popular place to promote your travel business. Many travel aggregators fall under The Expedia group including, Trivago, and Expedia Cruises. This helps businesses advertise across a wide range of platforms and gives users a trusted experience when it comes to travel.

Ryan Air is the largest and most internationally recognized commercial airline in the world. They aim to provide the most budget-friendly and affordable commercial flights around the world. As such, they receive an incredible amount of traffic on their site. Their site also allows users to find hotels and car rentals for their trip allowing you to promote your travel business to potential flyers. is a great way for advertising hotels, giving customers the opportunity to book rooms either by phone or on the website itself. They also show great deals and discounts as well as flight packages. allows you to list your house, cabin, bungalow, or villa for potential holiday goers with the ability to list options such as pets and swimming pools, giving you and users the ability to tailor their experience and maximize their stay.

Here users can find low fares to top destinations around the globe. makes finding your hotel, car rental, or vacation package as easy as a click of a button.

Yelp is a trusted and user-friendly business listing site that values the customer experience and in turn, values top-quality businesses to promote their sites. With listings from around the globe, users can be pointed in your direction no matter how niche you are.

Orbitz falls under the Expedia group banner, a trusted source for both users and businesses. With refreshingly diverse and inclusive web pages for all manner of people promoting LGBT, Bame, and senior inclusive businesses at their forefront, no place is unrepresented. allows users to turn their road trip into an adventure. The site allows businesses to advertise their best and most exciting experiences for travelers to stop at and explore. Help road trippers explore your best-kept secret with

The Yellow pages have been a trusted source for business listing and advertising for decades, starting with their widely accessible physical book. Now you can visit their website in order to advertise and promote your travel business across cities around the globe, with popular, trending, and affordability at the core of their site.

Help customers discover the best in travel around the globe with Lonely Planet, with video features to help users see themselves in beautiful landscapes and hopefully your business. Lonely planets users look for adventure and culture across every continent.

Other great travel sites to list your travel business:

Hopefully, this list has given you some much-needed inspiration for listing and promoting your business, service, or experience to hopeful holiday-goers around the globe. Whether you’re in the hotel industry, car rentals, sports and leisure, the restaurant biz or any other number of travel experiences, there will be something here for you! banner

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