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Google my business is a method of listing your business officially on Google, and for smaller businesses this can go a long way to improving your credibility as a company.

If you want to grow your business and you have recently starting to gain recognition, it is important for you to list your business with Google and this will ensure people can find you easily when they search for you online.

But how do you boost your Google business listing? Today we have some helpful tips for you to help people find your business online and choose it above others.

Claim your listing

When you list your business with Google, you need to make sure you claim the business as yours and link your website to the listing. Google has many algorithms that will automatically list your business as standard however until you have claimed the business yourself, it will not house the key information you need it to. Make sure you confirm you are the legitimate owner of the business and this will ensure it does not get claimed by anyone else.

Add photographs

The second and one of the most important parts of listing your business on Google is adding photographs of your business. When people want to visit your site and they haven’t been there before, a photograph of the exterior of the building is incredibly helpful and it will help people find you when out and about. Also consider taking some professional photos of the inside of your offices and this will add more credibility to your listing.

List the right category

When you list your business on Google you will have the option of many categories to list your business. Whilst most of these categories will be very clear and easy to choose form – others might be similar and you might not initially know which one to choose. To make sure you are selecting the right category for your business take a look at a competitor listing and see what they have chosen. Selecting the right category is incredibly important because it will determine whether people can find you or not.

Add business hours

When listing your business for success on Google, it is important to add as much information as you possibly can to draw people in. As a business, people will want to know when you are open and when you are available for visits and calls. The best way to provide this information is by sharing your business hours on the listing. It means that when someone is thinking of contacting or visiting you, they can look online and find out when the right time is to do so. You’ll get a much better response this way and it will avoid any confusion that may cause arguments.

Add a virtual tour

If you want to really create some buzz around your Google business, it is a great idea to add a virtual tour to the listing. This will allow people to see a 360 degree view of the inside of your business and it will help people feel more immersed in your business and ready to work with you.

Get reviews

One of the biggest ways to boost your Google business listing is getting reviews. When people review your business it gives you a rating out of 5 stars and this can influence whether or not people find your listing and choose to work with you. Reviews are a huge ranking factor for your listing and therefore getting reviews for your company is a great way to help. One way to do this is to add a link to your email marketing campaigns asking people to leave a review – or you can simply ask when a product is purchased or your service is used.

Be responsive

Collecting a myriad of reviews from customers is one thing, but if you don’t respond to any reviews this will tank your ratings and it will also look bad for your business. Make sure to respond to reviews, good or bad, and show that you are invested in making your business the best it can possibly be. Showing high response to your followers can help immensely and it will help you gain more notoriety.

Create a post

Did you know that you can create posts to add to your Google my business listing? There is a feature on the site now called posts, and it will allow you to share a message, image, or link with your customers and this will last for 1 week before it disappears. One great way to keep your ranking up is to update the post once a week as it expires and this will increase your ranking and help people to see your listing. You can share offers, upcoming events, or important news.

Merge any duplicates

When you are enlisted into the marketing of your business and you come to make a Google my business account, it is possible that someone has already made one in the past and has left it in disarray.

To ensure that your best account is shown and displayed, you can merge any duplicate accounts and this will ensure that you won’t end up with confusing accounts that misinform your customers.

Add services and products

Google my business has a lot of helpful features, and one of the ones you want to take full advantage of is the services and products. Consider listing some of your products or services on up to Google my business account and this will help people see exactly what you are offering and what kind of things they can benefit from if they do business with you. You can upload a picture, price, and description just as you would on an e-commerce site and this can really help you to sell.

Consider creating a Google my business account this year and use some of these helpful tips and tricks to make your account stand out above the rest and rank higher on search engines. banner

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