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For many people who are not a part of the digital marketing world, they are not familiar with the web designing world. They think that this designing is kind of subjective and this is the reason the SEO efforts get killed even after the designing is up to the mark. The website designers work like any talented artist.

They want to work as per their wants and they use their creative mind for giving the best. But if you will not interfere in between as a client, he might create a good website but that will not be seo friendly as he is not familiar with your business. This is the reason you can lose some good traffic on your site in the initial stage.

People get their websites to create for bringing about an improvement in their business. The website design plays an important role in boosting sales but few mistakes can even spoil your SEO. Moreover, it is very important that your website must show up in the search result. A good balance has to be there between SEO needs and website designers.

The top 10 web design mistakes that can spoil your SEO and should be avoided are listed below:

  1. When images are not optimized

No doubt including videos, images can assist you in improving audience engagement and can please your audience but you must know that the search engine looks out for these media contents even with the best help of keywords. The spiders of search engine ignore completely the flash files, java and images.

They only focus on HTML codes and looks out for texts. If you will fill your website with these elements that spider search engine completely ignores, then there will be higher chances of the poor ranking of your site.

web design mistakes

Image Source: Nextpittsburgh

In the above picture, you can find that only the image content is used, if a user will start searching for trending animations, they will never be able to find this site in seo results as the images are not optimized and there are no keywords.

  1. No call to action option available

This is also the biggest mistake because the website is specially designed for some or any other objective. You should definitely focus on the target and be entirely clear about your goals. The availability of call to action button on the website makes it easy for all the visitors to take up the desired move.

  1. Web design is not mobile-friendly

Nowadays, the mobile-friendliness matters a lot. Most of the people scrolls and makes use of their mobiles only for looking out for everything and if your site will fail in opening up on the mobiles, this will create a bad impression on visitors. Similarly, the search engines will also not give preferences to your site due to poor traffic.

Web design is not mobile friendly

Image Source: Stack.imgur

This text appears when you try opening any site on mobile which is not mobile-friendly and this disheartens the visitors and can impact your SEO results on a large scale.

  1. Poor loading

People are very much impatient nowadays. They don’t want to waste even a second on anything which is not helpful for them. Thus, if your site will take a lot of time in loading, they will definitely skip using it. They expect immediate loading. This is one of the mistakes that you should keep in mind as it can spoil your seo.

  1. Automatic play of audios and videos

When you visit any site and it starts playing audio or videos on its own, the user gets irritated because it starts playing without their permission. They want a perfect understanding of site first and this might hamper your SEO results as well. Thus, if you have any such content, get rid of them now.

  1. Poor color scheme and worst font selection

The fonts, color and tonality must be kept simple and good. The font should be such which can allow easy reading of content.

website design mistakes

Image Source: Cloudfront

The above picture is full of bright colors and poor font. Most of the people will leave your website if they find bright colors that can hit their eyes and if they are unable to read whatever is written. Thus, the site should be user-friendly and poor color schemes should be ignored.

  1. When links and buttons are too small to click

If the site is having links and buttons but they are very small that one cannot click in, then this is one of the worst web design mistakes. These links should be mouse friendly and they should be big enough in size and space so that people can navigate or tap for their desired actions.

  1. The Website is not HTTPs secured

The unsecured sites are facing poor seo results as all new browser versions don’t accept them. They get a message as not secured, broken or others. This acts as the biggest warning for all the visitors and they immediately hit the back button.

The Website is not HTTPs secured

Image source: Ytimg

If the above message will appear, the visitors most of the times will not enter the site because it states itself as unsecured and if the secured connection is not available, they avoid clicking on it.

Thus, it is essential to get the HTTP secured mode for good SEO traffic and results.

  1. Poor search engine optimization

Even after performing all the above corrections, if you will ignore the guidelines of right search engine optimization, then it can again be your biggest mistake. It is because it will not get ranked on the search engines and your potential customers will not be aware of your site existence at the same time. Thus, proper SEO is important for all sites.

  1. Ignoring the latest trends

Sometimes the web designers are very fond of their own designing ideas that they don’t pay attention to the latest trends as what people like at present. The digital world is something which keeps on getting innovated every year. For a web designer, it is essential that he should be creative and at the same time follow the trends for good results.

This can only make your website trending and user-friendly and can fetch good SEO results.

You must hire a good web designer for your web design that holds years of experience and can help you with good results. Similarly, check out their past projects to get a clear idea about their presentation, ideas and designing. Make sure you go for the creative web designer who is smart enough and don’t attempt any of the above web design mistakes.

Author Bio:

Aella Johns is a Web developer working with EthaneWebTechnologies. She has been writing articles on many topics related to Web designing, Website development, SEO, SMO and many more.

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