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Finding anything on the internet is a piece of cake due to the availability of search engines. But, they only work as long as you know some of the key or related terms to the thing you are searching for. If you have seen a gadget or a dish while scrolling through social media, and you wish to know more about it, then search engines might not be able to display the desired results unless you know their name. But these problems have been overcome after the introduction of search by image service of reverse image search tools.

The search by image tool works as an image search engine because it allows you to enter your queries in the shape of images. This tool is based on content-based image retrieval (CBIR) technique that scans your image and retrieves the similar images available on the web. It’s a vital tool for finding out the origin and relevant information of a picture. Plus, it can also be used for finding out the people or websites who are using your images without your consent.

When you look for a search by image tool, you will find a number of options available on the internet. But, it’s essential to get hands-on the best one that doesn’t impose restrictions, provides a secured platform and doesn’t charge a penny. You might be thinking that it would be a dream to expect such things from a free tool. Well, it’s not a dream as there are websites that are providing a quality reverse image search tool for free. In this post, we will let you know about these brilliant tools, so let’s get started

Top 3 Reverse Image Search Tools

1. TinEye

TinEye’s search by image tool is one of the best image search engines you will find on the internet. This tool provides you two options to upload your picture. One is to upload a picture from the device, and the other option is to search the image by URL. This picture finder tool has its own database that contains over 25 billion images.

The results of this reverse picture search tool can be viewed from “stock” or “collections” tabs. You can change the search filters to find identical, most changed, biggest size, newest, or oldest images for your entered query. It is a super-fast tool and provides the best user experience to the visitors.

2. DupliChecker

This website comprises of not only search by image tool, but it also contains hundreds of other useful tools. The image search engine on this website is the best tool due to its superb features. You have multiple options to upload your image for reverse search with this tool. They are:

1. Upload from device

2. Copy/paste screenshot

3. Drag and drop files

4. Copy/paste image URL

5. Search by keyword

You will not have to go through any registration procedures for using this search by image tool. It allows us to conduct a picture search on as many pictures aswe want without facing any limitations. This tool displays results from three famous search engines. You can see similar picture results from Bing, Yandex,and Google on a single click with this reverse image search.

3. SmallSEOTools

If the pictures you want to search with are stored in Dropbox or Google Drive,then this tool is the best option for you. On this website, you will find hundreds of free SEO tools that include reverse image search.

Like the previoustools, it also allows you to search by image URL. You can also drag and drop your file, upload a file from your device, or do a search by keyword.

The results of this tool are generated in a matter of seconds. Like DupliChecker, this website also shows results from three search engines (Google, Yandex, and Bing).

It is the number one SEO tools provider, so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

This tool doesn’t store your images in its databases, and as soon as your search is completed, the image gets vanished from its servers automatically.


These are the 3 best tools to perform reverse image search online. There is no need to buy some expensive software as these tools are here to do the same job free of cost. None of these tools will ask you to get registered, enter your private details, or use social media account for using the service.

The search by image is beneficial for us in various ways. A website owner can catch websites that are using its images without giving any credits. The social media users can track whether their identity is being misused by catfishers. The search by image tool has got you covered from all sorts of situations. Access any of the tools mentioned above today and use it anytime, anywhere, for whatever purpose

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