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Regardless of size and industry, the advertising goal for companies is to attract customers and reach their business’s growth objectives. However, small businesses face the complex tasks of competing with large corporations who have the liberty of obtaining large budgets for their various advertising campaigns. Fortunately, there are options to ensure that small businesses can also attract customers, reach various objectives, and, most importantly, provide a healthy competitive market. Here is where free ad posting comes into play.

What is “Free Ads Posting”?

Posting your products and services to a free advertising website is a quick, straightforward, and cost-effective method for your small business to spread the word about your brand. This is the case for local businesses as most free ad posting platforms are designed with the layout and structure of classified ads for small local businesses.

Usually, reaching a large audience can be quite difficult for a restrictive budget, as numerous expenses can be incurred during the process. Suppose your advertising efforts using social media and search engines tend to take a significant amount of money from your budget. In that case, it would be a better option to choose free classified ads posting to help you spend within your means. The saved money can be invested in other areas of your business.

Statistical data collected in 2009 showed that 50% of internet users used classified ads to connect to businesses. A recent study taken in 2020 showed steady growth in today’s influential consumers as the US digital classified advertising revenue reached $4.1 billion. This indicates that using this advertising strategy is effective in marketing and selling your products and services.

Where to post ads for free

Free ads posting websites help you market your products and services to a vast pool of potential customers. They also direct traffic back to your company’s website or business location, which can be translated to sales and increased revenue. Here are some of the top platforms to post ads for free.

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.


Craigslist sits as one of the most unique and well-known free classified websites today. The website offers a vast collection of categories to allow you to sell just about any product or service. With diverse types from automotive to beauty services, tech parts, and parking lots, Craigslist will enable you to post an ad once per geographical location every 24 hours for free. This way, you can sell your products and service while engaging other nearby sellers and consumers, which is excellent for building loyal clients and connections for your business.


Facebook may not seem to fit into the free advertising site category. However, with the introduction of the Facebook marketplace and shops for businesses, the social media site mimics the characteristics of the best-classified ads websites. With over 800 million Facebook Marketplace users every month, the platform offers an effective marketing tool for automobiles, furniture, real estate, and other retail products. Whether you’re selling jewelry or trying to get cash for your old-fashioned business car, Facebook can help you make money either by selling as a user or business. Facebook business and Facebook marketplace may not be ideal for listing services, yet can help find new contractors and employees.


Locanto is a German-based traditional free advertising website available in over 60 countries around the world. Locanto allows you to sell and trade services, real estate, cars, and other physical products. However, the platform is more suited for businesses with a significant community presence. This is due to the platform’s unique notable categories for leisure activities, trading event tickets, courses, and community-based services that facilitate local marketing activities. Locanto is free for many users, although, in some cities, only premium users can post ads.


Ooodle is currently the largest network of free ad-serving sites that connect users to local listings such as eBay,, and others via a single platform. Before the introduction of Facebook Marketplace, Ooodle operated Facebook’s original marketplace functionality. Oodle boasts 15 million users each month across seven countries.

To use this platform, you need to link your Facebook account- a measure to protect users from fraud. Doing this allows you to place free ads in main categories such as rentals, merchandise, vehicles, and community.

How to post free ads online

Posting ads on a free classified website is easy and doesn’t require any technical expertise. Depending on your free classified ads website, you can reach many users who visit the platform every day.

However, some websites may differ slightly, although many usually follow the same process to post free ads. Below are five steps you can use to post your ad:

  1. Complete and verify your registration by email (some platforms may not require registration)
  2. Select “Post a new classified” or “post a classified.”
  3. Choose the “product or service category” and enter details such as ad title, product description, price, photos, etc.
  • The product title should include keywords to make it easier for users to find your ad.
  • Accurate product or service description
  • Use keywords to optimize your ads and make them accessible to everyone.
  • Select the website to serve your ad and carefully select the categories to target your buyers.
  1. Preview the ad before publishing
  2. Some platforms will automatically publish your ad, although many will require you to confirm via email or require editor review before publishing.

Benefits of free ads posting

From reading this article, you may already have gathered a few benefits of using classified advertising. It’s a cost-effective and easy way for your small business to find potential clients, creates brand awareness, and helps you reach a wider range of potential customers. Here are more benefits of ads postings:

  • Offering a straightforward way to organize ad posting per business goals.
  • Advertising on a free job site is more accessible by listing your products in the relevant categories.
  • Online classified ads are more widespread around the world than alternative advertising media such as newspapers and magazines.
  • Gain high-quality backlinks to your website.
  • You can post as many ads as you like to make a profit while saving money.

How to use free ads posting to for backlinks

Classified ads are effective if you are a small business owner with a limited budget. Today, most classified ads are free and offer a backlink to your website for as long as the ad is active. However, most free classified ads run for a month, although the amount of time can differ. These ads are excellent for getting backlinks to your site, given that there are no-follow links. This way, users can visit your website.

Classified ads indirectly help your SEO efforts and rank your pages unless the user leaves the website right away. Yet, it is vital to carefully look at each free classified ad site before deciding which one to use. banner

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