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As you may already be aware, local search is one of the most important ways that you can reach out in your business. Using an online business directory or any of the business listing sites in Serbia, you can ensure that your business stays visible to others that may be looking for your products or services. Taking the time to choose any of these directories will help you to make others sit up and take notice where your business is concerned.

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The question is which business listing sites you should put your business name on! There are so many out there in Serbia that it makes sense to ensure that you choose more than one for your business to be visible. It makes sense to invest some of your budgets into ensuring that you choose the right business listing for your company. Some of the most popular business listing sites in Serbia are listed here for you below:

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.

Google My Business

When you sign your business up to Google My Business, you are ensuring that you get genuine traffic when your customers search for your product or service and your location in Serbia at the same time. This Serbia directory has the businesses your customers are looking for, and as Google is often the first place that people go to when they are seeking information online, you can bet that they will find your business quickly when you are on the right business listing sites.


As another search engine site, it’s important to know that you can list your business here to be found in local searches. Yahoo offers your business the exposure that you need as well as builds your traffic properly to help you to be seen by others. You can get the right leads to your business and ensure that your customers are aware of your contact information and location details, too. This will help to improve upon your reach and you will be able to show off your reviews, too.

B2B Serbia

One of the best business listing sites in Serbia is B2B Serbia. You will find listings of businesses that are collated in one space for the right location, and this is a complete offer of business editions that is the most important in Serbia right now. As an online business directory, B2B Serbia is one of the most visited websites in the B2B sphere in Serbia. The number of visitors is constantly growing, so you can imagine that having your business listed here will be a smart idea! If you keep your business information updated here, you will be able to keep your business supported at the top of the search engine results pages.


Yelp is a global business directory site that will help visitors to pinpoint the location and contact information of your business. Listing your business on Yelp also allows your customers and other visitors to get online and find you, leave reviews and get the support that they need when looking for the best businesses in your unique industry. Yelp works around the world, so you will be able to list your business here and find success in your ability to show off what you can do.


This business directory is one of the best business listing sites to appeal to expats in Serbia. There are businesses listed here along with contact details and information to show off what your business can do. Other expats can also share their experiences on this website, and the goal is to get every business to participate – especially if what you can do will appeal to new expats.

Connect2India Serbia

Believe it or not, this is a key business listing site in Serbia. Connect2India helps businesses to do more of global trade to and from India and they want to ensure that everyone is aware that this is a one-stop source for trade in India. If your business in Serbia is a global one, this is one of the best sites to be a part of. They list all businesses and resources related to trades and it’s all in one place!

At, you can find businesses listed from sole traders and freelancers to new startups and beyond. Businesses are able to claim their online business listings here, and the quality on this website is exceptionally high. The site is human-edited, so you can bet that it’s spam-free. Customers are helped to locate the local businesses that they’re looking for and there are complementary options as well as premium listing options.

This business listing site is one that allows businesses to connect with each other, customers to purchase from the right local company, and introduces businesses and products to the world. You can also monitor your customer reviews and ensure that you are giving the best possible service.


This business directory is one that promotes all of the local businesses in Serbia with their services and products. You can list your business and get more visits and enquiries than ever before, and online promotion of the small businesses in Serbia is easier with sites like this one!


All businesses will be able to close with customers quicker as this is a custom-built Serbian companies directory. It’s so important that you have high-quality contact data in your business, as this will ensure that your campaign has a far bigger reach. With BoldData, you can bet that you will be able to expand further and offer quality information in the most efficient way. No matter your region in Serbia, you’ll be able to top up your sales funnel, and with thousands of potential leads, you can ensure that you are starting your campaign in the right way. Deliver the information in bulk or not, but your customers will be able to find you when you use this online business listing.

This is the only Serbian tourist directory in the country and it’s the perfect place to leave your contact information if you are a business that can appeal to tourists. banner

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