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A search engine optimization is a process of increasing your site’s visibility with search engines like Google by using techniques such as keyword optimization and backlink building. Ways you can do this is by;

  • Making sure that your website has a single domain rather than multiple domains or subdomains.
  • Using plain words for folders on your server.
  • Include keywords in the URL and make the URL as close as possible to the page title.

Have a Single Domain

Having a single domain helps search engines to identify the same page content. This is a good practice for every website, so use one domain and avoid using subdomains or directories when possible.

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Use Plain Words for Folders

Using plain words for folders is crucial because it will make your content easier for indexing by search engines.

Using plain words also makes it easier for users when navigating around on your website. For example, if you are using something like “news/” instead of just “news,” then people who visit this page might end up looking through the whole site, trying to find where all these news articles are.

This can become frustrating, especially if there are hundreds or thousands of pages on your website, which could deter them from visiting any more pages.

Include Keywords in Your URL

Using keywords in your URL is also important because it helps search engines identify if your content is relevant to specific keywords. You can do this by using the exact keywords in the URL as in the page title.

For example, if you write about dogs and cats, make sure that these words appear on both titles. Then, when someone tries to find information online regarding dogs or cats, they will easily find your post through a simple Google Search.

Have a Short URL

A short URL is easy to remember and spell. As a result, it is easier for users, especially those unfamiliar with your website or business.

Short URLs also help keep the length of blog post content short by keeping common words in your URL together to not look cluttered. Also, keep only essential keywords within one URL if possible. This helps search engines know what a user sees when they click on this link and other pages on the same domain.

Keep an eye out for special characters such as a period (.) –  use of this character may cause the search engine crawler to read your content differently than what you want. So, try avoiding these symbols when possible or use hyphens (-) instead if there is no other option available.

Try To Make the URL the Same As Page Titles

Making your URL the same as your title pages is essential for seo and website in php. Doing this will improve your search engine optimization by making it more likely that the page will appear when someone searches your content.

Avoid Special Characters When Making a URL

This is because search engines may not index or rank your site correctly if you use special characters in the URL. For example, if you make a typo when writing keywords in the URL, search engine bots will still think that it is indexed content and rank it accordingly.

Another thing to consider is SEO-friendly URLs are easier for people to share on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. This also applies when linking back from other sites that might want to link to yours.


In conclusion, these are all the ways to make seo and website in php. Search engines use “spiders” that crawl websites for keywords and then rank them accordingly. So you can now see how important it is to keep these things in mind when you want a good ranking on Google. banner

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