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Searching for guest posting sites for health? You may be a personal trainer that wants to get his or her articles published, maybe you’re a medical student or maybe you are a dietitian that would like to share your knowledge.

Many people in these areas find that getting some of their work published can help them when it comes to job interviews, or perhaps when they are trying to spread their brand name around the world. So finding websites that are geared toward health that want to publish your writing is extremely beneficial to you and your pursuits. Here is a list of health websites that encourage guest posting.

Best Agencies

This company has been set up in the UK and has become one of the best guest posting services in the country. Every day, millions of people in the UK read blog posts, which gives anyone with something valuable to say the space they need to get noticed. They charge minimal rates, somewhere about £25 a post if it were to meet their article standards.

You have to stay away from unlawful things such as arms deals or sales, and adult content. They will not publish things regarding treachery blogs and they will not tolerate abusive language. They don’t want political messages on their site if they can help it. But all in all, this is a platform that you can use to publish health-related content.


Next on the health guest posting sites list, is Enests. They allow for anyone to publish on their website as long as you can follow a few rules. They need you to submit articles that are at least 1000 words. This will mean that your post will be about a 5-minute read. They will charge you $50 for a guest post and the same for any existing post links that you want to include. You must, first of all, know your audience and give them a brief description of the readership you are targeting.

They will also want to know what can readers get out of the article? They have to be some key bits of information you can give. Then give the reason why someone should care about the article? Is the topic trending, has there been a breakthrough in a disease? How do you want readers to respond? Hopefully, you want them to leave feeling better than before they started. Explain what you intend in this respect.

Mind-Body Green

This website does a good job at seeking out the best in their field to write for them. This may be someone who is an M.D. or perhaps someone with a Ph.D. or L.Ac. etc. They want article that will be based on wellness journeys and present powerful stories that shaped lives. You of course want your article to transform someone’s thinking and therefore, sharing personal stories to get your point across is recommended. They do mainly wellness but they also publish articles on health. So if you have an article about training, exercise, dieting or perhaps habits and lifestyle orientation then they want to publish your stuff.

Share your article with them using Google Docs or attach your document in an email. They do not accept PDFs, however. You need to provide statistics and studies to back up any solid claims you are making and you should try to link to peer-reviewed scientific papers and also to academic journals that can back up what you are saying.

Wealthy Gorilla

Although certainly not a health-related website, they publish all kinds of health topics. They have a very high traffic rate, which gives you a good platform from which to springboard your content. You can gain a link that goes back to your website and to your profile if you choose to create a bio on their website. They have over 100,000 social media followers so it’s a big platform you can leap off. They find that most of the articles they publish will receive about 2,000 likes on their Facebook page. They are a continuously growing community.

However, a lot of what they want is about motivation, self-esteem, goal setting and striving for success. Whether it’s career advice or exercise, they want articles to give an energy boost to their readers and something to aim for. So if you want to write a guest post about health, make sure it’s got something about wellness and lifestyle in there. Advice on improving sleep, running form or something like breaking mental blocks.

Scoop Empire

This website does it all really. You can post all sorts of health pieces on their website, as long as you can meet the basic requirements.

  • Can you explain who the article is for and what it is about?
  • You’ll also need to tell them how long the word count is.
  • What are the key points of the article so they can write a header and get eyes to focus on the content.
  • You may also need to tell them which of their categories your article will fit best. Obviously, you’re writing about health, but is it about dieting, fasting, exercise, running or wellness?
  • They also want you to attach two unedited examples of your writing. This is so they can see your writing type and not what another website may have cut up and included.
  • They also want to read your resume so attach that as well. If you are a doctor this will obviously help your chances of a piece being accepted.

There are lots of health guest posting sites you can track down and have your articles published on. But you want those with the most traffic, most respected reputation and the best editing teams who won’t change your work.

If you would like to know about the various options, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. banner

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