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As it is the year 2024 and almost every business is available online. There is a huge competition on the search engines if you think you can outrank them on search engines without proper SEO you are in your dreams and that’s not going to happen. For every business, marketing is an important aspect either its traditional marketing or Digital Marketing; businesses are always in need of marketing. You need to understand that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a branch of Digital Marketing.

Let’s Understand SEO First SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It means optimizing your website with such keywords that defines your business and people are looking for those keywords in great number, this is the easiest definition of SEO. Like when we want to search for a term like “Buy Leather jackets” or any other query like “Paykasa Al” there will be so many Leather jackets’ website or websites providing Paykasa cards appear what is the guarantee that your website will appear on the first page of Google? but if we use the right keywords and apply proper SEO Strategies we will definitely outrank our competitors and rank our website on the first page of search engine A common question here would be, why we want to on the first page of Search Engine. The Answer is: 75% of the people click on the links of the first page of the Search engine rest 25 is divided into the rest of the pages if the search engine. Now when we have understood the SEO, Lets Dive in to discuss Why SEO is important for business in 2024 Honestly, there is a huge competition out there for almost every business either it’s software service or selling garments. You will find so many companies providing the same kind of services so how to create your own place among them? It is a big challenge for business these days. They need to create their place among thousands of businesses to earn money. Here are a few points that you will achieve with SEO and why SEO is important for business in 2024.

Organic Traffic: A Key to Success of Your Business First thing first, the basic purpose of applying advanced SEO techniques on the website is to get organic traffic (Traffic from Search Engines through organic searches). It is the main goal of SEO. When a user searches for any query related to your business, your business should come on top so they can click on your business website. This way, you will target the right audience that is genuinely interested in buying your service or products.

Getting More Traffic Means More Leads As we have discussed earlier 75% of the people clicks on the links which are available on the first page of Search Engine. Having your website on the top page means you have 75% chances to get traffic. The more you get traffic; there will be more chances to get leads. Getting leads is the ultimate goal of SEO because these leads will be your customers some may just send queries but there are high chances of getting customers which will help you to get more clients and grow your business.

SEO: Cheapest Way of Marketing Compare to other marketing techniques, SEO is the cheapest technique. By investing a low amount of money you are getting a high amount of money in other words it could be a great Return on Investment. For every business or service, there is a huge search volume if we invest in getting our website on the first page of the search engine, we will be having so many leads and clients. It is a good choice to invest in search engines for better marketing of your business in the most effective way even with a low budget.

Long Term Strategy with Ongoing and Time Taking Process. Two of the most important things you need to understand regarding SEO:
  1. SEO is a long-term strategy and time taking process it will not generate results quickly. It will require around 3-6 months to rank a website on the first page of Search Engines but once it is on the first you will see rapid growth in your business.
  2. Another important thing is, it is an ongoing process. It is not like once you have your website on the first page of the search engine you will stop the SEO process, this way you will lose your rank. The reason behind this is, your competitors are also trying to be on the first page and continuously applying SEO techniques on the website, once you give them a chance they will outrank you and gain your position.
These two important factors need to understand because most of the website owners think that the website will rank on the first in a blink of an eye and the website will have a load of traffic and then they will stop doing SEO. This doesn’t work this way. You need to understand the complete process.

No First Page, No Clicks As we have discussed earlier, if you are not on the first page you are not going to get click on your websites. The first page is the best to be for your website if you are really looking to get clients for your business from search engines. Being on the first page helps in building brand loyalty as well because people trust search engines and believe what search engine is showing to them, if your website is appearing on the first page, it means search engine trust your website so do Searchers.

Conclusion Implementing SEO on a business website is very important these days. It is a digital era and everyone is trying to use Digital marketing for their larger benefits. Implementing SEO on websites has so many perks for business and it is best way to generate leads and conversions for business in a best possible manners. You won’t regret investing on SEO. It has so much to offer.
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