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If you own an online or local business and want to get some well-deserved exposure, local and national directories in Belgium can help you do this.

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Not only do they provide increased exposure for your business, but they also provide citations that can help your website rank highly on the search engines. Other benefits of listing your website in local Belgium business directories include:

  • Increased website traffic volume that can help you sell more of your products or services
  • Makes connecting with your customers easier as you’d often have all your business contacts there
  • Directories in Belgium are optimized for higher search rankings, so businesses listed on these directories also get to rank because of the directories’ authority
  • They’re a great source of high-quality backlinks

Now that you know their benefits, it’s time to go start listing your website on Belgium’s best business directories.

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.


This is a paid B2B supply business directory for Belgian businesses. It has a domain authority (DA) of 69 –which is pretty high– and accepts just about any B2B business looking to get listed. The sign-up process is quite fast and takes under a minute.

Belgium YP

The Belgian version of Yellow Pages, this Belgium business directory covers all cadres of products and services. It has a domain authority (DA) of 20 and has good link trust. Adding your business is easy and free. Just click the “Add Business” link and follow the prompts.

Go4World Business

This is actually a global business directory that has a presence in Belgium. Its key listings are in the supplies and manufacturing sectors. It has a DA of 37, and currently has almost 3,000 businesses listed there. It has both free and premium options.


Another global business directory that allows the listing of Belgian businesses, Expat is a B2B directory. It has an active community as well as a free option. All you need to do is sign up, include all your business details and you’re good to go.


Founded in 2013, this 8-year old business directory offers residents of Belgium the opportunity to have their businesses listed for free. It has a DA of 42 –which is pretty good– and allows the listing of businesses in many categories.


This is a B2B business directory in Belgium that offers free directory listings. This is unique in the sense that businesses get to create their profiles and customers can rate or review the business. It has a DA of 44, which is good.

Yelp in Belgium 

This is the Yelp business directory in Belgium. So you know that it’s a pretty big one that you should list your business on. It is free, has a DA of 49 and Trust Flow (TF) of 18. So, it’s a pretty good business directory to list your website on.


A good business directory in Belgium, this offers free listings to local businesses. It has a DA of 83 and a TF of 59, which is very good. Adding your business is pretty simple and takes less than a minute.

Golden Pages

This is Belgium’s largest business directory with over 4 million visitors monthly who check out businesses that are listed there. It has a DA of 53 and TF of 51, making it an overall high trust directory that’s largely targeted at B2B businesses, and offers free business listings.

Start Pagina

This is a free B2B business directory in Belgium. It has a DA of 55 and TF of 25. That’s a pretty solid business directory to get listed in. Signing up is free and can be done in under a minute.


This is a B2B business directory in Belgium that offers free business listings. It comes with a DA of 32 and a TF of 12. While the metrics may not be as great as others, the good thing is it drives decent traffic to listed businesses.

Amcham Belgium

This is a paid business directory site in Belgium with very high trust ratings –TF 46 and DA 44. This is a high-value website that offers great incentives to members. In fact, they promote international business collaborations with local businesses in Belgium. Try and get your business listed here.


If your business is specifically located in the city of Mons, then this is a directory that you should definitely get listed in. It is free and has a DA and TF of 30 each, so it has pretty decent trust ratings.

Cylex Local Search Belgium

This is a high DA (45) and TF (32) free business directory in Belgium. It caters to local B2B companies in the service industry. It offers more than a mere business listing. It allows reviews and other details such as a business’ opening and closing hours.


An excellent free local business directory in Belgium, this comes with a DA of 44 and TF of 41. It drives considerable traffic and websites listed on it and tends to enjoy good search engine visibility.


If you’re an architect and want to list your business in Belgium, Architectes allows you to do this for free. Because it’s specific to an industry, it has decent trust ratings (DA 25, TF 34). Websites that are listed here tend to enjoy decent traffic and a good search engine boost.

This is a Belgium-based search engine that allows you to add your website for free to their database. The search engine has DA 38 and TF 35, so it’s trustworthy in the country. If you own any business that needs an online presence, this is a great place to have your website listed.

Search Belgium

Search Belgium offers all businesses in Belgium the opportunity to join the directory for free and enjoy decent traffic, as well as, increased search engine visibility. The website has good trust ratings including a DA of 50 and TF of 41. As one of the oldest directories in the country, it has gradually built a lot of authority, trust, and traffic. banner

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