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Profile linking is pretty much the bread and butter of SEO and all other types of marketing in text form. It’s been done for donkey’s years because it’s simple, easy and it just works. It is exactly how you think it is. You are linking your profile, whether professional or personal, somewhere that will drive the most traffic towards it.

This could be a business blog, in your social media profiles, on LinkedIn, or even on affiliate marketing websites. It’s easy enough to do, but driving traffic to it can be tricky. There are some tried and tested ways to do this but also, some newer exciting ways too. Let’s take a look now.

It’s very effective

Customers who would like to go from your social media posts, business blog posts, or a news story, to your website, don’t have to click off the page to search for it. They don’t have to open web pages to type in your website, they can simply click to it from the link on the page.

It should be effectively linked, Google hates lazy linking. So the exact wording should let the user know where they will end up after clicking on the link.

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It’s very inexpensive

Links from a website can be included in your profiles. Maybe you want to share your newest post. Don’t just make a post about it on social media, link it in your profile.

Putting down indicators toward the profile link can also help. Simple arrows, emojis, and interesting fonts can help to draw the attention of the visitor to your link.

Profile links can be included in your Facebook profile right underneath your name and profile picture. Twitter has a similar case, whereby you can place profile links in your profile box. This is inexpensive, doesn’t take much time, and can boost your website’s rankings.

Google loves links that are cross-shared or displayed on various social media websites, drawing users from all the various social media platforms to one website.

So easy

As you can tell, it’s so easy to do this. Businesses should be encouraging their employees to have the website link in all of their profiles if they want to. Of course, social media is tricky, it’s often a personal space.

People get their news and cultural current affairs stories here, so perhaps making a social media account just for professional purposes should be encouraged first. And it goes without saying, profile linking should be done on professional websites such as LinkedIn.

Profile linking benefits

The benefits are quite plain to see but let’s dive into a few specific reasons.

Social media

When you come across the social media account of a brand you like, you may want to explore what the latest news is with the organization. For example, you click on running shoes made by Adidas that are trending.

You click on the profile of the brand on social media and underneath their name and image is the link to the new pair of shoes they have released. It’s like a direct link to the page you are interested in, without needing to click off or even on a post.

business posts

The same goes for business blog posts that you release on your website or on various other social media platforms. If you have released a new product, you can link it directly to your website inside the blog post text. Media outlets you work with can indirectly link the product page as well, or perhaps link your website in general, creating a profile link.

Affiliate marketing

Getting reviewers to link your profile in their reviews and as annotation links in their video reviews, is so effective. A user can watch an influencer’s review and before the video ends, can click on a link that goes straight to your website. This kind of profile linking is proving to be very popular among the younger generation.

Credibility check

Users would not usually click on a URL link unless they can tell where it will lead them. The fear of clicking on something harmful is very real these days, but when you have your brand name linked and it is strictly to your website or product page, users are more likely to trust it. Not to mention, when you have a link in a credible social media profile, it’s a stamp of approval.

If you would like to know more about profile linking and other SEO techniques, speak with us today. Contact us with any questions you may have and we will happily help. banner

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