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Having a focus on long-tail keywords is something that is a great tactic for SEO. Long-tail keywords or keyphrases are much more specific than just a word or two. Long-tail keywords get much less search traffic, but because of how specific they are in nature, they will usually end up with a higher conversion value. When you’re talking about them in the context of SEO, you are helping the person find something that they are specifically looking for, which is why they are so important. Long-tail keywords will also help you to get more traffic to your site, through people who are looking for something that you do. If there is a lot of competition in your market, then a long-tail keyword will help.

What are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are specific, and they also tend to be less common than other keywords. A longer keyword will focus on a specific niche. No matter how niche your business is, using the right SEO, with a focus on long-tail keywords, can help an engaged audience find you, no matter how small.

A lot of websites or blogs will have a main theme to their site, such as recipes or travel. This main theme will be the main keyword to use in SEO. Not all of your content could be found under just that word, though. If you’re looking for something specifically relating to travel, rather than just ‘travel,’ then you need to use a long-tail keyword, such as ‘things for toddlers to do in Orlando.’ When you’re specific, your content is much more likely to be found, when someone is searching for something quite specific.

Why focus on long-tail keywords?

It is much easier to be able to rank your content pages with long-tail keywords than when using more common and individual words. There will be a lot of websites competing for the word travel, but less so for things for toddlers to do in Orlando. The longer and the more specific that your search terms are, then the easier that it is to be able to rank for that term. The internet is huge, and as a result, long-tail keywords make it easier to find the audience looking for your niche. In the long-term, having a focus on long-tail keywords will help website traffic.

Long-tail keywords can also result in conversions. When something is looking for something quite specific, such as things for toddlers to do in Orlando, and your site comes up, they are more likely to buy what you are selling. If you were a play center in Orlando or selling tickets for child-appropriate shows in Orlando, then they have come looking for what you are offering.

Competitiveness of the market

There are some business areas that are hard to rank in, as they are highly competitive, plain and simple. However, if you are clear with what you are trying to do, then defining what you do differently, can help you to stand out from the market. By using your niche, you can start to use that to rank, through the use of long-tail keywords. The next thing to do is to get into the heads of your target audience, and make a list of keywords that will help. What will they be looking for when they type into a search engine? Thinking of your main keyword can be simple, but thinking about your long-tail keywords can be more challenging. It can definitely be worth taking the time, though.

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