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Do you want to know the secret of getting the white-hat links that can grow your business from a fledgling startup to earning over a million bucks in 3 months?

Yes, I am interested!

Here we start!

Links are one of the most important Google ranking factors and most of the time link building is meant to influence the search engines by increasing the ranks to target the right audience.

SEO experts know its value and therefore, always are in search of awesome links that can bring business to their slow and steady business. However, the simple key to unlocking your growth potential is gaining the quality backlinks through different ways.

Building white-hat links are never so easy not so hard. All you should know is how to reach out your prospects and target the website. The process of acquiring these links is becoming an incredible challenge for even the most seasoned SEO professionals.

Above this all be sure, white-hat link building is hard to scale. You need to give time, budget and dedication to your SEO work, no matter results are achieved in 1 month or takes two years.

One of the most possible way to acquire white-hat links that include case studies which most of the business don’t bother about.

Really! It gives diversified, natural and awesome results.

And Clients Love That!!! 

Four basic pillars of getting the white-hat backlinks include:

  • Training
  • Manual outreach
  • Hard work, and time to get it right.

Prospecting & Outreach

Discovering the highly relevant sites that will link your content without any objection is the most agonizing part of link building. You need to create a large list of sites and follow bulk outreach approach. This will save your time while you are evaluating link build success; link gained/hour and the quality of the links.

You can either prospect manually or use a semi-automated approach. In this way, you will have other websites high-quality link back to your website. Ultimately you will drive high referral traffic and increase your website authority.

In future, this might become leverage against your competitors.

Internet being a gold mine of information covers a lot, but perfect implementation can lead to success. You can also hire SEO Company Cape Cod to do this job on your behalf. They will help you achieve your goals MORE easily and fast.

Along with that, Lets dive into the other resources and strategies that can provide you white-hat links.

Start with A Piece of Linkable Content:

Beginning with linkable content can make the white hat link-building process 70,000x easier and faster. For this, you need to understand the requirements of the site owner and then share an awesome article that includes link in a natural possible. Avoid exact match anchors if it doesn’t go well with it.

You need to write a narrative, cut above and unique content (worthy of linking to). It can be in any of the form either epic guides, another resource, or a valuable piece of information (not necessarily a homepage or sales page). It will not take decades but if meets all the requirements of white-hat SEO will succeed within the short time period.

Here are some of the examples of the linkable content:

All of these guides are super easy to link to in an article.

Find Potential Targets for Guest Posts:

There are numeral ways of finding the right audience. You need to act smart and do in-depth research of your potential customers. After discovering the audience, build a big list that can bring you great opportunities of business marketing and lead generation.

With the help of scrape box, manual Google Search or using the following search operators you can get a link from blog page.

Keyword + “guest blog”

Keyword + “guest blogger”

Keyword + “guest article”

Keyword + “guest post”

Keyword + “guest author”

Keyword + “guest Column”


Keyword + “write for us”

Keyword + “write for me”

Keyword + “contribute to this site”

Keyword + “inurl: category/guest”


Keyword + “inurl: category/guest”

Keyword + “become a contributor”


Keyword + “guest blog” +inanchor: contact

Keyword + “guest blogger” +inanchor: contact

Keyword + “guest article” +inanchor: contact

Keyword + “guest Column” +inanchor: contact

Keyword + “write for us” +inanchor: contact

Keyword + “write for me” +inanchor: contact

Keyword + “become a contributor “+inanchor: contact

If you put these in Google Search Engine, you’ll get a list of sites that could bring you the possibility of blog outreach. After that make a spreadsheet of all the possibilities.

Run A Domain Authority Check of the List

Moz is one of the effective DA checkers, that determines which sites are valuable for SEO. It also indicates that how much traffic the particular site can give you.  Shoot for only those sites which have DA above 25+. Before getting in touch with site editor, make sure it’s not a crap site and is a legit opportunity.

Start Guest Posting/Blogging:

Of all the white-hat link-building techniques, the best scalable technique is “Guest Posting”. The basic idea behind this approach is to outreach blogs in your niches, asking them if they would like you to write a worthy article that can be published on their blog site. Following this technique, get your well-researched and well-written article with the links back to your website approved. Finally get your guest post published and acquire white-hat links.

This will benefit you in a number of ways. It

  • Will Help you in having great diversity
  • Will provide you great in-content link
  • Will get you actual traffic coming via that link
  • Will give you increased rankings
  • Will improve your visibility
  • Will help generate revenue by building relationships with other players in your industry.

Sounds Like a Great Deal!!!!

Remember: Reaching out high Domain Authority sites will benefit you with great results. Work with the website that is relevant to your niche. Content should be well-written, free from grammatical and typo errors because the content you publish on their website reflects your business.

Build Relationships More than Link Building:

Although, link building on your website does not involve complex processes. In fact, you can build healthy relationships with other businesses and communities surrounding you. Search for the forums, blogs, social media groups that possess the same niches as your business has and engage with relevant users.

You can add comments or posts on these platforms to contribute value to the discussions. Offer a solution to the problems of users they have been facing for long. In this way, you will be able to create a positive image and trust in your business.

Doing this will not only help you get white-hat links but also gives you access to the latest trends in the industry.

Turn Your Mentions into Backlinks:

It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get white-hat backlinks. If you know that particular website is already mentioning your business products or services but haven’t linked your website, then, it’s a huge loss. Without a second delay, get in touch with the webmaster and ask him to convert the mention into a backlink and make your backlink a worthy white-hat link. Through this, you will be able to expose your business to a new wider target audience and skyrocket your business sales and leads.

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