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Promoting your business on an online business directory will help increase your brand awareness. Although you likely have an online presence through your website and social media, being shared in a directory will make your details available to more customers and clients. Therefore, it is important and beneficial for your business to be listed in a top directory. If you have a business in the UAE and are looking for the best directories and listing sites, here’s more.

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Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.

Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the most trusted and high-ranking business directories on the internet. Google has billions of readers every year, which allows your business to be seen by that many customers. Listing your business on GMB will open your business up to customers across the UAE and the rest of the world. It is free to list your business and allow customers to get in touch with you by leaving your details. Customers can also leave reviews, which is a great promotion for your business.

Local Search is a free online business directory for all UAE-based businesses. There, you can share your business, its contact details and services, for customers to get in touch with you. Customers can search for locations or specific services to discover the best businesses for the task. The businesses are divided into categories, which helps customers find your business depending on their needs.

Yello is there to help support and promote UAE-based businesses. They help to grow your business organically, by sharing your services with customers looking for specific needs. Yello allows customers to leave reviews, which is a great promotion for your business. They help you increase your business’s reputation and put it on the UAE map.

UAE Contact is a listing site for all UAE-based businesses. If you have a business in any UAE location, you can promote your business here for free. You will be able to attract their customers by building a profile. They help you list your services in alignment with what their customers look for so that your business doesn’t get lost in the sea of others. They ensure that customers leave reviews, so that other new customers can see what others think of your business.

Araboo is a UAE-based listing service, which helps promote any business to residents. For customers looking for businesses based on location, Araboo is the place to go. It categorizes business into services and locations so that customers can easily discover you and get in touch to give you business.

Zawya is a business directory based online for UAE businesses to share their services with clients. They list all businesses from small to big, old to new. There, you can share a profile with contact information for customers to easily get in touch with you.

Yalwa is a business directory in Abu Dhabi that allows customers to find, rate, and share businesses. After a customer finds your business and uses you, they will be asked to rate you and share with friends and family. This will help build your brand’s reputation and increase the sales of your business.

B2B Directory is a free listing site in the UAE that also offers paid plans. You can list your business for free and set up a basic profile. Customers will be able to find you and get in touch. B2B’s paid package offers brand promotion, which will maximize your reach and get you seen by more customers.

Angloinfo is a business directory that allows every resident in the UAE to find a business for their needs. They can search depending on the location or the service required and discover the most suitable businesses. They can easily contact them with the business contact information provided and help them find the answers to their needs.

UAE Business Directory is an ideal listing site for businesses who want to share their services internationally and nationally from the UAE. Leaving your business name and contact details with them means that you can attain business from their customers and get discovered easier.


Bing is another immensely popular listing site that works to share your UAE business on a worldwide scale. It allows customers to easily contact you, leave reviews, and share your business. Ensure to leave keywords in your description so that your business is easy to find.

Etisalat Yellow Pages UAE

Yellow Pages UAE is a business-to-business portal, that allows UAE-based businesses to be discovered by other businesses looking for specific services. This is an easy and effective way to grow business relationships and discover people that they may not have heard of before.

Dubai Chamber Commerical Directory is a listing site that UAE businesses can use to attain more customers. There, you can share your number and your services so that customers can easily find you and get in touch. This site is aligned with importers, businessmen, and exporters.

UAE Plus Plus is a free business directory that allows customers to discover your business in full. Your profile will link to your site, contact details, and services so that customers can know if they want to use you before getting in touch. They promote every type of business.

The Connector is Dubai’s number one community magazine that also has a directory. There, businesses can promote themselves to be seen by local residents. They often work closely with school and nursery listings. However, they do promote other businesses such as beauty, technology, and sports.

Enroll Business is a directory of local UAE-based businesses. It allows customers to search for businesses with ease depending on their location and service needs. They allow customers to review your business, which is a great promotion for your business. Also, they ensure that your profile is up-to-date with the latest information so that you and your customers are not disappointed. banner

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