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Domain age SEO is how old a website’s domain is. In other words, how long it has been since the domain was first registered. Some factors relating to the website domain can make a difference to SEO performance, so many people wonder if domain age can also have an effect on search engine rankings.

There are a couple of reasons to consider this. Search engines like Google like well-established websites, and older websites will have older domain names. On the other hand, spammers and scammers can use and discard domains quickly. But does domain age really make a difference in SEO?

Does Domain Age Matter in SEO?

The general consensus among SEO experts is that domain age is not a particularly powerful factor in search engine rankings. However, there is some difference of opinion to consider. Some think that it doesn’t matter at all, while others think it’s a minor factor, and some believe that it’s very important.

Many do think that domain age is a significant ranking factor for websites, but the truth is that its weight is often overestimated. While the theory is that an older domain lends trustworthiness and credibility to a website, the truth is that it’s not such an accurate indication of either of those things.

An older domain doesn’t necessarily belong to a well-established website. People can register them but not use them. Similarly, a new domain can belong to an established organization or brand.

Domains can also change hands, so one that has been used illegitimately could be sold for a more ethical purpose. Sometimes domains may also be taken by others if they are not renewed on time by the current owner.

What Really Matters?

If the age of a domain isn’t really important what is? The more important factor for SEO purposes is really the age of the website and how established it is. For example, whether it has a strong backlink profile that has been developed over the years can play an important role. Domain age might play a small part in indicating whether a site could be spam or an illegitimate site.

An older domain might carry more credibility due to its past records, such as backlinks linking back to it, rather than simply its age. This is something to take into account in several situations. For example, if you’re considering switching to a new domain or buying an established domain, it might not have the weight you want it to or it could be associated with a previously established brand.

Should You Buy a New or Established Domain Name?

If you’re looking for a domain for your website, it’s ultimately better to come up with a new one that suits your brand. It probably won’t hurt you if you do buy an established domain, but it’s unlikely to help you much either. If you create a new domain that suits your brand, you can focus on building a good link profile and establishing a website with strong SEO. banner

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