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Listing your business within listing sites or business directories in Kazakhstan can be a little overwhelming when first starting. You may not know where to head to first, or perhaps you’re struggling to even locate a reputable business directory at all.

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This post will hopefully assist you in listing your business within business directories and listing sites in Kazakhstan. You will also find some tips as to what you should include within your listing, how to get the best out of registering your business within a directory, and why it is so important for your marketing strategy – regardless of the size of your business.

Top Business Directories in Kazakhstan

Here is a compilation of some of the top business directories and listing sites in Kazakhstan. Some are specific to Kazakhstan only; others have a global focus. Nonetheless, the below will take you directly to the relevant area for registering your business to directories or listing sites for Kazakhstan businesses.

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.

Business Yellow Pages

Here, users can search via zip code, phone number, keyword etc. It’s also prevalent in the products that the businesses are associated with.


Whilst a search for a plumber in Kazakhstan rendered 0 results, so whilst this may not be a comprehensive list of businesses, it is most definitely something you should be included on. If someone did a search for a certain type of business and only your business popped up – the chances are that you will be in contact with an inquiry for potential business.

PR Log

Just as they say on this site, “add your business and get found for free”! Add a tag to your listing so any user filtering will include your business.

A user-friendly site, this describes itself as  “A business directory to promote local firms of Kazakhstan with their products and services.” You would mostly find small and medium businesses in Kazakhstan on this list.

Express Business Directory

A basic site that provides business owners with the opportunity to claim ownership of their listed details.

This listing site is for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other. Almost used as a direct selling tool, you can expand your business network, focusing on winning custom.

Whilst a global directory, you can refine the search based solely on Kazakhstan. Registering is easy and free.


Whilst Connect2India is a global business directory; users can always filter down to just Kazakhstan. If your business offers international shipping, this would be an excellent way to supply India and something you should capitalise on. – Kazakhstan

Directory of companies in Kazakhstan with an incredible number of products also being showcased – over 45 million to be more accurate!

Business Connexions Kazakhstan

Sign in with your LinkedIn account or with your email address. This Kazakhstan Business Directory is comprehensive, modern and very easy to navigate.

Central Asia Commerce

Business resource and directory of Central Asia, including Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan YP

This is an interesting business directory in that the website allows visitors to review and recommend businesses and products that they have used. Definitely worth signing up to listing sites such as these as reviews and recommendations can speak volumes when it comes to winning customs.

This directory enables the user to ‘like’ or ‘send a message, making it a social listing site. You’re also able to add coupons or discount codes that you might like your customers to find.

With 1.2 million suppliers listed in this business directory, members can search as buyers or suppliers. Interestingly, there are wanted posts available to browse through, so it could be used as a tool to find active purchasing requirements and broaden your customer base.

Asian Business Directory

Whilst no results pop up for Kazakhstan, there are countless results for the rest of Asia, so definitely worth venturing into registering with this interactive business directory.


Kompass is a worldwide directory. However, it has a very detailed section for each country, including Kazakhstan.

Should I Register with Business Directories in Kazakhstan?

Boost your internet search ranking by registering to as many business directories as possible. This will increase the number of times that a potential new customer sees your business name and services.

There is no limit on how many business directories you should sign up to, so why not go for them all? It’s all (usually) free advertising, and in most cases, incredibly simple and quick to do.

Difference between business directories and listing sites

You’ll notice that most of the sites mentioned in this post look very different. This isn’t just down to site branding choices or investment and budget to this site itself.

Listing sites will tend to list businesses from the direct search or a sector search. In contrast, business directories tend to offer that little more in terms of search function – or perhaps quotes can be requested from the site itself without ever having to head to your own businesses web page.

Ultimately, the differences are subtle, and whether you’re registered to lists or comprehensive directories won’t make a difference in terms of incoming leads and enquiries. Advertising is a numbers game, so register to as many as possible.

What helps my business be found within a listing site?

As much information as possible should be included when registering your business on business directories in Kazakhstan. It will ensure that your business can show in as many search results as possible and will ensure it doesn’t get filtered out when it shouldn’t during more refined user searches:

  • Business name and address
  • Services or Products offered
  • Business locations covered
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Social media channels
  • Link to your current website or any testimonials, e.g. Google reviews.

Feel free to use the above as a checklist, which gives a great starting point for getting you on the road to success by utilizing business directories and listing sites in Kazakhstan. banner

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