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If you are hoping to improve SEO for your website, it’s important to understand rich snippets. Also known as rich results, rich snippets can be of great benefit to business owners.

What Is A Normal Snippet?

A normal snippet is a result that Google shows to the users within the search engine results pages. When you search for a keyword, you will see various normal snippets. It gives a quick sample of what information a page will offer.

What Is A Rich Snippet?

Rich snippets provide additional information that will appear between the URL and the description. This could include any info that will provide additional value and context to users.

Why Are Rich Snippets Important In SEO?

Rich snippets are important because they help ensure that your website stands out more in the SERPs. They immediately give users more information that they need and this makes it more likely that they will click. They do tend to have a higher click-through rate as well and will directly impact your ranking. Since Google will notice people prefer your page, they’ll boost up your ranking.

How Do You Get A Rich Snippet?

To gain a rich snippet, you need to ensure that you are adding structured data to your site. This is a piece of code that needs to be in a particular format Google crawlers can understand. Search engines read this code and use it to create rich results. Adding this data to your site can be complex but a marketing agency will be able to complete this service for you.

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