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Do you know about the best SEO tools to audit and optimize your site? Today, a digital marketer cannot perform well without in-depth knowledge of how to perform an SEO audit. Doing this task manually requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, by using the following tools, you can implement SEO audits more efficiently.

In this article, we will discuss the main features behind these tools, how to use them to improve your site’s ranking by doing better media buying.

  1. Google Search Console

Digital marketers can use this tool along with site developers, and administrators to track their online presence and rank in Google’s search engine results. Moreover, it offers various tools and analytics to assist users in fixing common SEO issues. You can use it to confirm if new web pages are correctly indexed or not. With this tool, users also get frequent alerts if Google finds any spam or technical errors. Apart from these SEO features, this tool helps marketers monitor their keywords on SERPs. This tool is free to use, and users don’t need to pay anything to access this tool.

  1. GTmetrix

This is a popular SEO tool used to track a site’s performance. It also gives alerts if any technical problems are affecting the overall speed of your site. Google is continuously developing new features to improve a site’s performance and make it more scalable and user friendly. Other common factors, such as the total number of clicks, can also affect your ranking in different search engines. GTmetrix collects valuable insights from your site and creates an overall performance score with a rating. With this, you can work on those areas where your website needs to improve. Another major aspect of SEO audit is optimization. This tool helps users develop different strategies to improve the user experience for their visitors and improve their ranking in SERPs. This tool is available in both free and paid versions. However, the paid version offers more features, whereas the free version offers users to monitor a maximum of three URLs.

  1. Screaming Frog

This is probably one of the most powerful and popular SEO tools used for SEO auditing. It is used by leading multinational corporations like Disney, Google, and Apple. Screaming frog’s Spider tool screens websites and offers technical SEO suggestions to users. SEO Spider is an extremely versatile and flexible SEO tool that detects broken links, traces webpages with missing metadata, have your webpages indexed faster, find similar pages, etc. SEO spider’s free version can be used for a maximum of 500 URLs. The paid one provides unlimited crawling and other additional features and services as well.

  1. Page Modified

Page Modified is another popular crawling tool that collects useful SEO information from your site and gives valuable optimization tips. This tool is used within the browser. It gives valuable backend technical resources that are essential to improve the performance of your site. The crawler screens technical errors like broken redirects, issues with backend linking, etc. It is also handy for determining on-page technical problems such as empty tags, pages lacking H1 header, and meta descriptions. It is free to use and comes with a paid version as well.

  1. SEOmator

SEOmator is a popular SEO tool for auditing. Since most SEO specialists opt for two or more technical audit tools, SEOmator is one such SEO tool where users can perform various auditing tasks through a single SEO tool. This tool’s main feature is its ability to offer both on page and off-page SEO analytics. This tool does not come with a free version. It comes with a separate plan for large and small businesses.

Other Popular Tools for SEO Auditing

SEMrush Site Audit

SEMrush is one of the leading SEO auditing software available for large and small scale businesses. The platform can detect more than 100 different on-page and off-page SEO issues. Similar to SEOmator, SEMrush offers various technical SEO audit tools with various dashboarding/ reporting features. It provides thematic reports and personalized reports as well. You can use it to improve your site’s on page and off page performance. The tool detects major technical problems that may be affecting the overall performance and rank of your website.

SEMrush allows users to access 100 pages for free. To access other features and services, users need to go for a paid subscription plan.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool is mostly used to optimize your page speed. After typing in your URL, the tool will study its contents and offer useful suggestions to improve your page loading speed. This tool is considered as one of the most powerful SEO tools to check ranks in SERPs. If a web page requires extra time to load, visitors will leave the page and switch to another similar site. This may lead to unsatisfactory conversion performance and an increased bounce rate. Another great feature of this tool is the fact that it checks the web page speed through field data when someone clicks on your website through Google Chrome. It collects the information of real visitors visiting your pages on different devices. Unlike other tools mentioned in this list, Google PageSpeed Insights is free to use and does not come with a separate paid version.

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Ahrefs Site Audit Tool

Ahrefs is considered one of the most versatile and flexible SEO auditing tools for experienced and new SEO auditors. It offers comprehensive and easy to use auditing tools. It works through the cloud. It can detect more than a hundred different on-page technical problems that can negatively affect your site ranking. It gives detailed printable reports. This tool is not free to use and requires a paid subscription plan.

In Conclusion

Instead of using any SEO tool available online, a digital marketer must rely on reliable audit tools to detect and fix those issues that may be negatively affecting search rankings. To make the job of digital marketers smoother and stress free, we have shared the top 5 audit tools for SEO that every digital marketer must be using in 2020.

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