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Buying a domain name is one of the first steps in starting your own website, but it’s also an essential step for SEO. The domain you choose can help or hinder your search engine rankings and traffic, so choosing carefully is crucial to success. This article will take you through some of the best practices for selecting a domain name that will give you an edge over your competitors in the search engines!

Domain names are based on the words you would use to search for your website. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is needed to ensure that your domain name shows up when people type it into their web browser. SEO should be considered before choosing a domain name because it will affect how well you rank online and whether or not you show up in search results. SEO is important because it will help drive new customers and increase your earnings, so be sure that SEO best practices are considered when choosing a domain name for your website.

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Your Domain Name Should Be Easy To Type And Memorable

Your domain name should be easy to type and memorable. The easier it is for people to find your website, the more likely they are to visit you – so make sure that users can remember your address without having to think too hard about it. You should also choose a domain name that reflects your brand or business accurately. For example, if you have a website about gardening, it would be best to use a domain name like ‘’ This will help people remember who you are and what you do.

Keep It Short And Sweet

When it comes to your website’s domain name, you want to make sure it is short and sweet. The shorter the domain name, the easier it will be for people to remember it. Not to mention, a shorter domain name will take up less space on the web page.

Avoid Numbers & Hyphens If Possible

One thing to avoid is using numbers or hyphens in your domain name. Numbers can be challenging for people to remember, and they can also lead to confusion if someone types the wrong number into their browser. Hyphens can be tricky for search engines to read, and they’re also fairly generic.

Use A Keyword In Your Domain Name

When it comes to SEO, using a keyword in your domain name is still an effective way to help your site rank higher. The closer the keyword is to the beginning of the domain name, the more weight it carries for ranking purposes. So if you’re targeting a specific keyword or phrase, consider using it in your domain name.

Domain Age

The website’s age is an essential factor in Google’s algorithm, and it can be a reason for your website to rank higher than others. It isn’t just about how long you’ve owned the domain, but when was it registered initially? If you register a brand new domain this year, with no backlinks or history behind it, you might have a harder time ranking for competitive keywords than if you had an older domain with thousands of high quality backlinks. When it comes to domains, age does matter!

Domain Authority

Another factor that Google uses in its algorithm is the Domain Authority (DA). DA measures how well known and trusted your website or domain name may be. They do this by analysing the number of back-links your website has and the authority and reputation of any referring sites. Again, it’s important to consider that DA is based on an entire network rather than just one domain.

Country TLD Extension

Your website’s country-code top-level domain extension is also an important ranking factor. For example, if you are located in the United States, it would be best to have a. US TLD extension rather than using one that belongs to another country (such as . UK or . EU). Also, keep in mind that Google has its country-specific search engines, so it’s important to make sure that your website is optimised for each individual country.

Buying An Expired Domain

Buying an expired domain is good if it has good backlinks and history. Buying expired domains and redirecting them to your website is not a good practice. Domain hijacking is a big problem in the world of SEO. Always do your research before buying an expired domain.

Domain History

If you decide to use an expired domain, make sure you know the history of this specific domain first. Otherwise, you might run into some issues. Domain names have come a long way since the first .com was registered in 1985. However, the early days of domain name registration were a Wild West atmosphere, with no regulations or rules in place. This meant that anyone could register any domain name they wanted, regardless of whether it was appropriate or not. This led to a lot of confusion and complaints, so in 1999 the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) was created to maintain domain name policies. ICANN is responsible for regulating all things related to internet domains today, including approving future top-level domains like .xyz or country codes like .ca/.fr.

It’s important to remember that not all domain names are created equal. Just because a domain name is available doesn’t mean you should register it – there are many factors to consider when choosing a domain name for your website.

Where To Buy Domain Names?

There are many places where you can purchase your domain name, but here are a few of the most popular:,,,,

How To Buy Domain Names?

When buying a new domain name, there are three options: registrant, registrar, and reseller.

  • A registrant is the actual name on your domain name registration record. This person or company name will be displayed publicly as the owner of your website’s name servers.
  • A registrar is a business that specialises in registering new domains for its customers directly with ICANN/the registry where they are available.
  • A reseller is a business that buys domains from a registrar at a wholesale price and then sells them to customers at a retail price.

Domain names have come a long way since the beginning of the internet, but they are still highly critical to online success. SEO can make or break your website, so choosing a domain name that will rank well in search engines is important. Remember to keep your target audience in mind when choosing a domain name and use SEO best practices to ensure that your site appears at the top of search engine results pages. Good luck! banner

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