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When you’re first starting your business, you’ll need to create a website for it. There are multiple marketing benefits associated with this. That’s only true when done right, however. Part of this involves search engine optimization (SEO). Working on creating your website and SEO strategies at the same time is recommended.

Doing so will help you take advantage of the process much better than otherwise. If you don’t, you may end up needing to go back and optimize your site. That could be more effort than it’s worth, making it vital that you work on both from the start.

If you’re new to the process, then you mightn’t know what to do. While hiring a professional is recommended, that’s not always an option. If you’re working on your company’s SEO yourself, then you should focus on a few key areas.

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How To Make Your Website And SEO Work Together

Look At Your URL Structure

Your website’s URL structure might not be the first thing you think of, although it could be vital. Using a worded structure will optimize your site for search engines. It’ll also help visitors understand exactly what the link goes to without clicking on it.

For example, would be a much better URL than, or something similar. If you already have links like the latter of these, they don’t need to be too difficult to change. The likes of WordPress could let you do so automatically.

Use Heading Tags

Heading tags are a recommended way to split up your content according to sections or points. Adding these in also makes a significant difference in your SEO strategy. Search engines look for content that has been planned out, and that reads well. Part of this involves making articles as readable as possible.

Headings and sub-headings are a great way to do so. Working multiple H2s to H6s across your content is recommended, although you should only have one H1. Your keywords should be placed strategically across several of these to maximize their impact on your search rankings.

Keep It To One Topic Per Page

If you offer multiple products or services, then you should give them individual pages. If they’re on the same page, it could lead to confusion among readers. That’s not something that search engines look kindly on.

Splitting services or products into multiple pages will avoid this while providing other benefits. You can use these extra pages to target more keywords. As a result, you’ll have more opportunities to outrank your competitors in vital areas.

That not only boosts visibility for your products and services but should enhance sales. As that’s the main point of your marketing activities, maximizing this is highly recommended.

Include Call To Actions

A call to action is what gets a reader to do something. What this is can vary, although it typically focuses on encouraging a potential customer to take another step in your sales funnel. That could be signing up for a newsletter, following you on social media, fill out a form, or even contacting you.

Completing this successfully is known as a conversion. You’ll want your conversion rates to be as high as possible. While you might need to spend time refining your call to action, it will lead directly to future sales.

Having these scattered across your content in key places will maximize your conversion rates.

Make Good Use Of Content

There are different types of content that you can use. Each will help with your SEO, although you’ll need to mix and match them. That’s where your website and SEO development come together at the start. After all, your website won’t have anything on it until you add text and images.

Using videos can also be recommended, provided they’re relevant to your products or services. When you’re putting content together, you should make it at least 150 words long and include alt text and images. These will have a favorable impact on your search engine rankings.

Your keywords should be spaced evenly throughout this content. You shouldn’t overuse it, however, as this will affect your SEO negatively.

Looking After Your Website And SEO: Wrapping Up

Knowing how your website and SEO fit together is the first step to capitalizing on both. With the benefits that they’ll offer your company, doing so is mandatory. Knowing how to build your website with SEO in mind can be difficult, however.

Each of the above will have a positive impact on your SEO when taken individually. When combined together, you shouldn’t have any problems ranking well on search engines. banner

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