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If you are looking to improve your new website’s visibility, you can’t ignore the importance of SEO services. Through SEO, you can build your site authority, increase visibility, and ultimately attract users and customers to your brand. SEO is important both on a local and international scale. However, it is crucial that you use it to communicate your brand’s personality and business vision.

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Finding an SEO company that allows you to do all this can be difficult, especially if you wish to stay within your marketing budget. However, Bangladesh is an excellent location to find tailored, affordable, and high-quality SEO services. Of course, with the incredible choice of companies and freelancers offering these services, it can be challenging to find the right one for your needs. That is why we have crafted a list of the 50+ best SEO companies in Bangladesh. So, you can start working towards your business goals today!

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1. Dcastalia Limited

Dcastalia Limited is one of the largest and best-renowned digital agencies and SEO companies in Bangladesh. Since 2009, they have been growing their customer base and working with hundreds of companies – you won’t struggle to find relevant case studies on their website! As the company developed and updated, it never stayed behind with the latest innovations in the fields of digital marketing and SEO.

Today, alongside SEO services, Dcastalia Limited offers a variety of services, including website design, software development, digital marketing, and technical support. In terms of approach, you can expect an affordable, transparent, and honest attitude that allows you always to find an innovative solution for your challenges. banner

2. Backlink Express

Reigning the market since 2012, backlink Express is one of the best SEO companies in Bangladesh. The company only employs white hat techniques and innovative solutions when it comes down to crafting a tailored SEO strategy for each of their customers.

Just opting for a short partnership with Backlink Express will allow your company to take over competitors on search engines and win over a larger size of the market.

Aside from SEO services, you can enjoy a comprehensive set of services, including website development and design, eCommerce services, link building, social media management, and technical support.

3. Best SEO BD

Best SEO BD does exactly what it says! It delivers affordable and professional SEO services. Whether you need On-Page or Off-Page SEO or a combination of the two, this company based in Dhaka might turn out to be your best ally.

In particular, this company aims to craft the perfect local SEO strategy for small to large businesses that wish to gain better visibility in their local area. Whether you own an eCommerce store or you are proudly managing a brick-and-mortar store, this is the right company for your SEO needs.

4. DMA | Digital Marketing Agency

DMA is one of the largest digital marketing agencies worldwide, with offices across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The Bangladesh division of this company is no different from the other: ready to offer high-quality, tailored SEO services to any-size business.

If you are looking for a company that aims to understand your brand before crafting a strategy truly, DMA is for you. Aside from SEO services, DMA creates full-scale marketing campaigns that cover every aspect, from ads to social media management. Some of their best clients include TripAdvisor, Blockchain, and Kohler.

5. Bizcope

Launched in 2010, Bizcope is among the best-renowned marketing agencies in Bangladesh with a focus on SEO. The company’s mission is to help businesses – from small to large – gain and maintain visibility and customers. Their SEO strategy is undoubtedly aimed at helping you maximize profit – but without shortcuts! The white hat technique used and the latest innovations allow you to build a solid-long lasting marketing base.

6. Ninja Creative Marketing

No two companies in the Bangladesh landscape of SEO agencies are the same. In particular, Ninja Creative Marketing stands out from the rest for its unique, innovative approach to unique SEO challenges. If you are looking to outsource an all-inclusive marketing company, Ninja Creative marketing can offer you:

  • Fully tailored solution
  • White-hat techniques
  • Discounts for bulk buyers and custom packages
  • Technical support anytime you need
  • In-depth SEO knowledge in different industries

7. RoadLink Digital

RoadLink Digital’s main vision is to help your business achieve a sustainable and viable SEO strategy that leads to long-term results. With an entirely different approach from most other SEO companies in Bangladesh, RoadLink comes across as a new, revolutionary alternative with a clear creative vision.

Behind their work, there is a clear understanding of the power of SEO in business growth and development. Aside from crafting an ad hoc SEO strategy for your business, the experts at RoadLink Digital will also be able to offer website design, development, automation, and mobile app creation services.

8. Arcane Marketing

Launched in 2015, Arcane is a global marketing agency with headquarters in Idaho Falls, ID, and branches in Bangladesh. The company does not specialize in certain business sizes and aims to create an individualized digital marketing strategy for every client. The skilled team behind Arcane is diverse, which means that you can count on a wide range of experience – from web development and videography to graphic design and SEO.

9. Viser X

When looking at the best SEO companies in Bangladesh, it won’t take you long to discover that Viser X comes up as one of the most trusted ones. This company, which has its origins in Dhaka, allows your site to start ranking better on search engines within weeks – and by using 100% white hat techniques. One of the main advantages that working with this company offer is that you will always be up to date with the latest innovations and algorithm updates.

10. MonsterClaw LLC

Founded in 2007, MonsterClaw LLC is an affiliate marketing agency in Bangladesh. When partnering with this company, you can count on a diverse team of over 28 affiliate recruiters, marketers, managers, and SEO experts. For over six years, this company has proven itself to be one of the best ones in Bangladesh – you can find the case studies that confirm it directly on their website. Alternatively, make the most of a free consultation and find out if this is the company for your needs.

11. BrandViser

BrandViser is a comprehensive marketing agency that offers a wide variety of services, including SEO, SEM, SMO, email and SMS marketing, push notification services, and paid ads. With a team of over 15 experts and many clients under their belt, BrandViser can be a trustworthy SEO ally.

12. IMBD Agency

IMBD Agency, or Internet Marketing & Business Development Agency in Bangladesh, is one of the most established agencies in the country. They cover all digital marketing needs, including:

  • SEO and SMM
  • Content marketing
  • Web development and design
  • Paid internet marketing (Facebook, Linkedin, Google, and Instagram Ads)
  • Multimedia content

13. Top With SEO

Launched in 2016, this SEO company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, became one of the most popular ones within months of the launch. However, with a small team of 10 SEO experts, they provide the personalized service you need for your small business. Aside from SEO services, the company offers social media marketing and web design services.

14. W3 Engineers

Launched in Khulna, Bangladesh, in 2009, W3 Engineers has over ten years of experience in the world of SEO and digital marketing. Today, the company continues to expand, with a new office in Dhaka and several more clients under its belt. Thanks to the proven expertise in technology and understanding of SEO, the company also works with smaller, emerging domains and sites. Some of the services offered by W3 Engineers include e-business solutions, CRM, and digital marketing.

15. W3 Affinity

Founded in 2003, W3 affinity is an affordable and highly desirable digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. With projects starting at $1000, you can enjoy SEO, SEM, social media, and inbound marketing services at a competitive rate.

16. Fox Digital Solution

Launched in 2018, Fox Digital Solution is a company based in Little Rock, Ark, with branches in Bangladesh. Aside from SEO, Fox Digital also offers development and marketing services to firms in several industries, including dental, automotive, and eCommerce. If you are looking for an in-depth campaign for your industry-specific or technical services, this company can better understand your needs.

17. Freelance Topic

Starting in 2017 as a smaller firm in Jashore, Bangladesh, Freelance Topic has become one of the largest freelancing SEO training websites in the country. With just a small team of 10 experts, this website aims to provide direct marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media, and content marketing services to both small and larger businesses.

18. DigitalVast

DigitalVast is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Some of the services this company offers its clients include advertising, branding, and a tailored digital marketing strategy. DigitalVast’s clients include mid-market businesses that need help to win over a larger share of the market.

19. Marketex

Founded in 2020, Marketex is one of the newest entries in the Bangladesh SEO scenario, but it is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after firms in the country. With fewer than ten employees, the company aims to deliver high-quality services that are personalized to the client’s brand and vision. Alongside SEO services, the company offers PPC advertising, web design, and social media marketing solutions for businesses in the field of service and advertising.

20. Mahbub Osmane

After he set up his business in 2018, Mahbub Osmane has become one of the most accomplished SEO freelancers in the country. Based in Middle Badda, Mahbub Osmane offers specialist development and digital marketing services, including graphic design, SEO, and IT managed services.

21. Creative Niloy

Founded in 2018 and based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Creative Niloy employs over 10 of the best highly skilled digital marketing experts in the country. The company specializes in helping clients in the field of healthcare, education, and advertising reach their visibility and profitability goals.

22. SumoDrive LLC

Launched in 2015, SumoDrive specializes in local SEO and marketing solutions. Whether your company falls within the category of small business or mid-market firm, you can be sure to gain increased visibility in your local area with SumoDrive. In particular, the company specializes in offering marketing services to businesses in the legal, healthcare, medical, and financial sectors.

23. Ammazan Network

Founded in 2015 in Kushtia, Bangladesh, Ammazan Network is a digital marketing agency with a small but highly specialized team of ten digital marketers. You can enjoy the team’s diverse background and make the most of their services, which include web development, SEO, advertising, eCommerce, and social media marketing.

24. Doodle Digital

Since 2017, Google Digital has been growing steadily, and today the company can show an uninterrupted streak of successful projects. While it is still a rising star in the Bangladeshi SEO landscape, Doodle Digital has nothing to envy to more established companies. Indeed, the company’s hand-picked team and creative vision have made it the favorite marketing agency for startups and tech companies.

25. Turtseo

Turtseo had only been launched in 2019, but it has quickly gained popularity because of its vision. Indeed, the company entirely focuses on creating personalized SEO strategies. If you are looking for a team of experts who can take care of all of your SEO needs without frills, Turtseo might represent a great option.

26. Extreme Solutions

Extreme Solutions established itself as a leading web development agency and focuses on custom software development and internet marketing services. The company’s clients are generally small to mid-sized businesses, and they are able to create tailored solutions for payroll, accounting, and sales software.

27. Avista Digital

Established in 2019, Avista Digital is a relatively new SEO service provider in Bangladesh. The company mainly focuses on providing SEO services, and it employs less than ten experts in the field. Thanks to the small but diverse team, Avista can offer tailored and exclusive SEO, email marketing, and web design solutions to small businesses.

28. Essence Axis

Founded in 2018 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Essence Axis is still a small marketing company with fewer than ten employees. However, thanks to their highly specialized team of experts, they can offer a wide range of digital marketing services, including conversion optimization, social media marketing, and SEO. Their clients are often small businesses in the field of advertising, arts, and consumer products.

29. Digital Marketing Byte

Founded in 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Digital Marketing Byte is a digital marketing agency with a large -and growing – team of more than ten employees. In particular, the design and cure the marketing strategy of businesses in the field of eCommerce and advertising.

30. TFECTA Digital Innovations

Founded in 2020, TFECTA is still a small marketing agency with a team of ten employees. Based in Gazipur, Bangladesh, the company is today able to offer its digital marketing services to companies across the country. Some of the services TFECTA offerS include social media marketing, advertising, and web design. They primarily work with small businesses.

31. OS Digital World

OS Digital World focuses on a wide array of digital marketing services, including social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO. Founded in 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, OS Digital World has been growing steadily. Today, they primarily work with eCommerce websites, healthcare, medical, and business services industries.

32. Digital Marketing Farm

Digital Marketing Farm aims to be one of the most cost-effective and affordable agencies in Bangladesh. With four affordable SEO packages, you can find the all-inclusive solution for you, whether you are launching a blog or startup or you need more visibility for your established business.

Digital Marketing farm does not only focus on SEO. Some of the services your business might benefit from include:

  • Web development
  • Social media management
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Ads

33. Zellion Interactive

Zellion Interactive is a great option if you are looking to invest in international, high-quality SEO services. Indeed, Zellion Interactive is a branch of its USA-based parent company “Era Mediabuying LLC.” Through the various branches, Zellion Interactive has been recognized internationally for the action-oriented team and innovative SEO solutions.

34. Rank Trends

Rank Trends is a great option if you are looking to learn more about how SEO works and the benefits that it can bring to your company. Rank Trends is able to put at your disposal a team of expert marketers that allow you to outsource your SEO services. However, you might also benefit from the company’s SEO training and WordPress training they offer.

The professional trainers at Rank Trends can be extremely helpful if you wish to understand the market from an SEO viewpoint better.

35. Smart Outsourcing Solutions

Smart Outsourcing Solutions is a digital agency based in Bangladesh. Aside from providing full-spectrum digital marketing services, the company also helps its clients understand the correlation between lead generation and marketing. In this way, you won’t only need to trust someone to craft a strategy for you – you can play an active role in helping your company gain more visibility and leads.

36. Western SEO

Western SEO is a small digital marketing agency based in Bangladesh that provides a variety of services, including Google Ads, web development, content writing, and web design. The company today has clients across the globe and aims to bring its services to businesses outside of Bangladesh.

37. Growuply

Grouply is a web development agency in Bangladesh that focuses on primarily helping small businesses achieve their visibility and profitability goals. The company has completed several successful SEO, web development, and branding projects. If you are still in the process of creating the personality and voice of your brand before using SEO, you might consider Growuply as your best alternative.

Some of the digital marketing services offered by Growuply include:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Social media management
  • Pay per click
  • Email
  • Content marketing

38. HYPE Dhaka

Founded in 2015, HYPE Dhaka is a digital communication company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. One of the features that truly sets this company apart from the competition is the action-driven strategies it delivers. Indeed, Hype focuses on helping small businesses maximizing their profit potential through the web, social, and mobile tools.

Instead of focusing on delivering fast results, Hype aims to create sustainable and viable growth for their clients – so that you can be in business for long!

39. EA Inc

Founded in 2015, EA Inc aims to offer fast services at an affordable price – for any business! The company aims to create valuable relationships with its clients and deliver websites that are highly functional aside from beautiful. If you are looking to bring your dream website to life, this company can help you comply with the best practices of SEO and website development. Their in-house content writers can also help you start working on your SEO-friendly content from day one!

40. Biggestech

Launched in 2017, Biggestech is a business development company with a great focus on incorporating SEO and social media best practices to increase the client’s visibility and profitability.

Their SEO approach goes beyond on-page and off-page SEO. Indeed, Biggestech aims to make a business visible on several social media platforms so that the environment can sustain growth.

41. Freelancers Hub

Founded in 2015, Freelancer Hub has been an Upwork-based agency created by a group of expert marketers. Based in Dhaka, this company derives from the personal experience of the founders, who could see the need for affordable and personalized SEO services. Today, Freelancer Hub’s team keeps growing, and the company is a product that has helped over 100 businesses achieve their SEO goals. Alongside SEO services, it also offers SMM, SEM, PPC, and Ads.

42. Nano IT World

Nano IT World collects some of the most expert marketers in Bangladesh. Indeed, the company has over ten years of experience in the field of eCommerce development, software development, and marketing. With over 300 completed eCommerce websites, the company has the expertise needed to craft a winning SEO campaign for all businesses or industries. Nano IT world mainly focuses on off-page SEO strategies that allow your website to be more responsive, authoritative, and visible.

43. IM Digital

Created in 2015 and based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, IM Digital is an omnichannel marketing agency that allows you to craft a unique and tailored marketing campaign for your business. Whether you need to introduce a single marketing element or you need to craft a strategy from scratch, IM Digital and its large team of experts have the resources and expertise needed to succeed.

44. BrainyZat

Brainy Zat is one of the latest new entries in the Bangladesh SEO and marketing scene. Indeed, the company was founded in 2020 in Dhaka by experts in SEO, social media, and content and email marketing. Each team member at BrainyZat comes from a different background, so you can expect an all-around marketing coverage.

45. Marketer Rashed

Marketer Rashed is a website created by freelancer marketer Md Rashed Miah. The site, which has been founded in 2016, has continued to grow. Today, Marketer rashed does not only offer SEO and digital marketing services but also offers training courses for business owners.

46. Projonmo Digital Ltd.

Founded in 2017, Projonmo Digital is a full-service marketing firm that does not only focus on SEO. Some of the services offered include management options and consulting. You can also benefit from the ad hoc website audits the company runs.

47. DotMarketingLabs

DotMarketingLabs was born in 2011 as an Upwork marketing agency. At the core of this company is a team of expert marketers and website developers who have been working together for over ten years. The company’s mission is to deliver fast, responsive website and SEO services that allow each business to gain the right visibility.

48. ChangeTech

ChangeTech is an up-and-coming software company that delivers digital marketing and IT consultancy services to small to medium businesses in Bangladesh. If you are thinking about launching a professional business website, ChangeTech can help you craft your off-page SEO strategy and create a fast and responsive website.

49. Tech ICS

Tech ICS is a small digital market company launched in 2018 by a group of IT specialists and marketers. Today, Tech ICS has grown to have an office in the UK, as well as in the headquarters in Bangladesh. When partnering with Tech ICS, you will be able to view and test their demo link so you know exactly what to expect from their website development process.

50. Marketers Area

Marketers Area is one of the newest companies on this list. Born in 2021, Marketers Area takes a new approach in business and marketing development for small to large enterprises. With over 12 years in marketing, the company’s team of developers and marketers are able to create a 360-degree marketing and content strategy for startups and forward-thinking businesses.

51. IT Liner

IT Liner does not only offer SEO services but also provides clients with web development, marketing strategies, and tailored business software. In the market since early 2014, IT Liner has grown to be an international company with its products sold in over 12 countries.

52. Eigme Digital Solution

Eigme is one of the largest marketing agencies in Bangladesh. The always-growing team has completed over 500 projects and helped new startups create and communicate their brand. Aside from SEO services, Eigme provides digital marketing, graphic design, product research, dropshipping, and virtual assistant services.

53. 8Pears Solutions Limited

Born in 2009, 8Pears Solutions Ltd creates turnkey solutions for businesses and startups of any size. Using new technologies and the latest innovations, 8Pears helps you build and communicate your brand through visually appealing, responsive, and functional websites. And, they take care of all off-page SEO!

54. Giant Marketers

Launched in 2016, Giant marketers is the marketing startup for startups! The team of expert marketers behind this company has been where you are today, and they have all the experience you need to scale up your business and cut through the competition. Today, they have been selling their services across the UK, USA, Australia, Spain, and Canada.

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