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Graphic design plays a vital role in this modern and competitive business world. It is an integral part of marketing for businesses, as it helps them highlight their offerings, and increase their customer base. It’s a great way to establish visual communication among their audience and is a promising marketing tool. Graphic designs help businesses convey their message to the audience in a beautiful and effective way.

Keep in mind that good design makes your business look good!

Undoubtedly, graphic designing is a serious and complex work. It involves a lot of particulars including research on industry type, brand message, layout and much more. A minor mistake in any design including a logo, website, business card, and brochure can ruin the image of the company thereby, the prospects and opportunities.

On the other side, a well-thought graphic design can very well transform a business into a trustworthy brand. Thus, it’s important to avoid mistakes and focus on every small detail while designing.

In the design industry, experience matters a lot. The more you have the experience, the lesser become the chances of committing mistakes.

But, what if you are a new or inexperienced designer?

Whether you are a newbie in the design industry or an experienced designer, clients always expect great designs from you and obviously, cannot tolerate mistakes.

So, to create designs that are not only acceptable but are impressive also, here are the five-common career-threatening mistakes, that every graphic designer should avoid while designing.

A Clear Understanding Leads to A Great Design

Whether you are designing a logo, business card, website, or anything, there should be no communication gap between a client and a designer, so that a sense of clear understanding can be established between them. However, it’s the prerogative of a client to deliver crystal clear and informative instructions to the designer. But, it’s the designers’ responsibility to make it clear whether they have understood the requirements or need further clarification. It is absolutely important to establish clear communication with the client for desired results. Thus, instead of spending time designing on the basis of wrong perceptions, get the requirements clarified first.

Abandon the Habit of Over-designing

Abandon The Habit of Over-designing

As a graphic designer, it is essential to follow particular design standards while designing. A simple and elegant design always works and over-designing may ruin your efforts. Having lots of colors, fonts and brushes don’t mean that you have to use them all together at once. Try to make your designs simple, clean, and clear. Let your design breathe.

Avoid Using Too Many Fonts

Trying different fonts seems cool, right?

But, too many fonts can deteriorate your layout!!

Thus, it is imperative to be mindful about font usage while designing a layout, else it will be annoying for anyone who looks at it. Stick to one or a maximum of two fonts.

Be Careful While Using Stock Images

Well, it’s not wrong to use stock images in your designs, but using too many stock images will make your design look cheap and unprofessional. Also, anyone can recognize stock images over the internet.

A designer should be very particular about designing a logo, website, product packaging design and anything that represents a signature style of a brand. Such designs should be unique, exclusive and self-created.

Keep a Space for White Spaces

Keep a Space for White Spaces

Most of the designers fill white spaces of their design with unnecessary elements. However, it’s completely fine to have a white space in your design, as that’s one of the key design elements, that may help your design look professional, simpler and elegant. So, avoid cluttering your design by filling spaces with unneeded elements.

Always keep in mind that, LESS IS MORE!

Final Words

Graphic designing is the coolest but challenging job. Hence, mistakes are obvious!

The solution for avoiding such mistakes is to keep on learning and focusing on every single detail of your design. Think out of the box, and try to make unique, simple, clear yet engaging designs. Focus on creating real designs.

Learn from experienced industry designers and different client projects. Read design-based blogs daily to keep yourself updated with the trends. Do not just jump into the bandwagon, instead, give yourself proper time to learn and polish your designing skills.

Author Bio:

riya roy

Riya Roy is a technical content writer at Agdova Technologies. She carries expertise and a flair for writing on Management Consulting, Software & Analytics and Digital Media. Apart from distilling her technical ideas into creating innovative solutions, she is a practitioner of Electric guitar. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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