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A business directory is a business index site that contains a listing of information, regarding all the businesses which are categorized by type of business, locality, activity, size. Many business directories today are based on the Internet, with the printed format disappearing over the years.

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Business directories have their search function and allow the user to search for businesses by zip code, country, state, region, or city. What is the benefit of a business directory site? It helps businesses connect with potential customers and also assist the customer in finding what they need. The benefits of a business directory site for businesses are as follows:

  1. Increases online presence
  2. Improve local visibility
  3. Help customers to find more information
  4. Improve your business reputation
  5. Increasing brand awareness
  6. Improve your SEO
  7. Higher ranking in Google
  8. Cost-benefit
  9. Marketing is growing fast
  10. The easiest, cheapest
  11. Good return on investment
  12. Low maintenance
  13. Profitable advertising
  14. Increase website traffic
  15. Business Index Examples

In Denmark, there are quite a few directories that businesses can use online. Here are the top 20 that offer different features for businesses and browsers alike:

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.

This website offers a great directory for businesses. It has different pages on the website, including ‘top hits’ so you can see which are the more popular businesses of the moment. In addition to this, you will find advanced searches to pinpoint your needs and it also shares statistics including active links, affiliate links, awaiting links, total articles, and more. It’s easy to use but the search box is on the top right corner so the UX isn’t quite as easy as others.

This website is dedicated to sharing companies. You can search specific cities and regions, which include over 40 regions. Entirely in Danish, this website is dedicated to helping local brands thrive and connecting the Danish with the brands they are searching for. It is easy to use, a simple search engine type design makes things simple.

Denmark Brands labels itself as a danish family-friendly website. The directory is well organized and easy to navigate and it is free to submit your business to the directory. If the site is from Denmark you can opt for an English-written description that will appeal to a wider audience. These are Danish Brands. Their website states “handpicked danish quality websites” are placed on their website. It also offers site statistics so you know how well the site (and ultimately your business) is performing.

Anglo info is a detailed website that is not just for listings but also has other facets to its website. These include job vacancies, discussions, blogs, how-tos, and property listings. It is a multi-functional website that includes thousands of Danish brands. They offer a vast amount of categories, including ‘expats’, ‘entertainment and arts’ and ‘education and training’. You can use a keyword to search.

With Ezilon you can search specific regions. It covers the majority of Europe and offers an affiliate program also. It is simple to use, easy to navigate, and is a no-fuss website. There are no difficulties in adding information and it is visually simple. It works well on mobile also.

Bizadee is a multinational business directory. Their mission is “to help local businesses all over the world reach more local customers online.” They also offer a section for New Business Listings so that companies just joining can be introduced on their homepage. Great for smaller businesses wanting promotion. is a business search engine and is available worldwide, including in Denmark. The website provides free directory information on over one and a half million companies from seventy countries. Additional company information is available on a subscription basis if you need it for a small fee.

This open directory is easy to navigate and you can search categories or use the search box. It is available only in Danish and whilst it seems a little primitive at first, the website is well stocked with brands. It is a less responsive website, however, and isn’t as easy to navigate on your phone.

Tupalo is available only in Danish. The website is specific to Denmark and is easy to browse via different categories. You can upload your business information to a different geographical category. For example: Copenhagen, Odense and Esberg. There is also an option to ‘search nearby’ which means you can be broader in your searches.

Tuugo works with businesses to both help them advertise and offer them a way to promote their business. You can create it for free and this website is both web and mobile browser friendly. You can also search via products, for example, if you are looking for a lawnmower or a new dresser. You can find specific products and matching companies to your needs.

Yelp is renowned for being a free website for business listings. Yelp is a directory in which consumers are encouraged to post reviews of local businesses and again is country-specific, including Denmark. Yelp is a varied website and one of the most popular. It is very responsive on iPad, iPhone, and Android.

You will find the yellow pages directory online now, as it is rarely postage door to door anymore. They stopped printing in 2019 and are now completely digital. Yellow pages exist for every country and in Denmark, you will find them specific to the country. Yellow pages are a less focused search and offer a broader range. Possibly good for larger companies but small independent brands may get lost in such a huge directory. banner

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