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It is being predicted by the leading SEO experts and digital marketers that 2019 is going to be the most exciting year. We are now circumscribed by consumer experiences, artificial intelligence along with granularity in tracking.

The new reports say that Google continues to take the giant share in the market with 88 percent of North Americans turning to the search engine for answers to their everyday queries.

Nevertheless, an increasing number of queries are being made by voice or on mobile, or both. There has been a momentous shift in the way consumers ask for their information and now they expect more efficiency and precision in their results.

One study claims that around 74 percent of the consumers express that text-only results are insufficient for affirming their choice of products. As a result, consumers are necessitating rich visual results with detailed recommendations that are camouflaged in a great degree of personalization.

More than that, Artificial Intelligence now dictates the new search formats and channels. This means that 2019 comes with a new set of challenges with a triggered focus on “How do you get organic search results?

Organic Searches & User Experience

Organic Searches & User Experience

The diversity of thought and information on the web have made it impossible to cater the audience upright. Hence, the path of purchase is unique to every consumer.

Despite, some compelling trends which still can be outlined from the consumer search behavior. These days consumers are not simply searching for the product or service rather they are trying to learn each and everything about it including what type of experience it will provide.

For instance, the Google data from Jan-June 2015 vs Jan-June 2017 revealed that mobile searches for wait times have increased by 120%. The searchers may want to know when the business is open, how they can get there, what it looks like, what services are readily available or if they need to tip.

Primarily, they are digging deep about the business before they can make the buying decision or proceed to visit the premises.

Engaging & Interacting with the Audience

Engaging & Interacting with the Audience

Marketers realize that there are myriad touchpoints through which they can connect with the consumer. That too in a more meaningful manner!

Searcher’s intent has completely changed and this has restructured the marketing funnel. Marketers now fully realize that no two consumer journeys are completely alike.

The recent researches at Google discovered –

  • Consumers can narrow and broaden their searches based on their unique demands
  • Some consumers may research few brands obsessively before making a purchase (doing a competition analysis until they are completely satisfied)
  • Searches are now restricted till the purchase, people would review the performance for the product long after.
  • Searches are more detailed which provides new opportunities for the brand to interact with the audience.

The searches new provide two-way communication for both brands and consumers to understand each other’s perspective. This is a great way for building consumer loyalty.

AI for Content Marketing

AI for Content Marketing

Conjecturing the figures from last year, it was outright visible, 60 percent of the enterprise marketers were planning to use Artificial intelligence for content marketing.

Most marketing experts feel that AI makes their content much simpler, making it more productive and time-saving.

Google, for instance, is using RankBrain technology to comprehend and crawl the content better. This helps them to identify the complex and unique searches.

More importantly, AI helps in understanding the search intent, which means that the searcher may not be always looking to dig deep. This helps in the heavy lifting and classifying out the queries to compare solutions.

As the figures reveal that the number one Google result on average get 28 percent of the clicks, followed by 13% and 9%  for the results on number 2 and 3.

This is why it is more critical to make your content discernable and properly marked up for AI-driven search.

Understanding the Audience and Personas

Understanding the Audience and Personas

Understanding personas in critical in 2019, because they will give you the point from which you can ideate, create, optimize, disseminate and popularize your content on the web.

As you include all these elements, your content will resonate more with your audience. You have heard these things many times before, but now they are shaping and changing the customer journey.

You may have broad buckets of audience types on hand, but once you connect with the personas, you move further down to granular and more personal experiences.

In The End …

As we wrap up, we need to understand that we are operating in the era of increased accountability.  Think and rethink before you connect with a digital marketing company because it can make your every penny worth.

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