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The online presence of any business is important. By growing your online visibility using business directories or listing sites that allow you to add your business, it can be a vital step in helping to promote your business online. By getting listed on these directories, you are improving an important part of your marketing strategy, especially for local listing sites.

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By using a business directory or listing site, such as the ones below, it will help to increase how well your business site ranks when searched online, can build up trust with search engines, and gives any new customers a good chance to find your business when they are looking online. The good news is that there are many free business directory lists that are out there, so all you need is some time to get your listings out there.

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.


This is a free site for any users to make the most of, creating a business page for your business. Including information like the business name, address, website, contact details, and business description can help your business to be found.

Apple Maps

When someone is searching for a ‘coffee shop near me’ or a ‘plumber in Houston,’ you will want your business to come up, if that is what your business is! Using Apple Maps you can add your business location and name, and you will show up on the map.

Google My Business

This is an important step for anyone looking to improve their local SEO. With your business on Google My Business, customers can leave reviews, see where you’re located, what your website is, and other contact details. It is what many people will use when looking for something online, so your business needs to be listed there.

LinkedIn Company Directory

LinkedIn is a site that is used by more and more professionals every day. If you have a freelance business, for example, then you will want to be listed on there, for someone to search when they are looking for specific help with something.


Yelp by having a strong presence on a site like Yelp, you will be able to establish trust with some of your potential new customers. You can use it for free or upgrade, in order to really stand out. With photos, reviews, and business info, you can showcase the best of your business to Yelp users.


With a shopping feature and the search feature, users will be looking for something specific. If you want your business to appear when there is a relevant search from a potential customer, then you need to be listed on the free Bing business directory.

Better Business Bureau

The main aim of the Better Business Bureau is to promote trust in the marketplace, and this is achieved through grading the listed companies on their directory, based on their performance and trustworthiness, and working as an intermediary if and when there are any customer complaints.

Yahoo Local

Using Yahoo! Localworks, you will be able to complete all of your business directory information across a range of local online listings. If you are looking for an easy way for your business to get found online, then this could be the one for you.

Yellow Pages

Gone are the days of using the book itself, but using the online directory, you can still get people looking through to find your business. You just need to claim your listing, which you can do by connecting with one of their business advisors.


Nextdoor is an app and a website that connects people in the neighborhood, as well as to everything else nearby such as local businesses and service providers. If you want to be part of it, then you need to be listed there.

Merchant Circle

This is a site that gets millions of visitors per month, and if you want your business to be seen by those site visitors, then you need to be listed. Create your account with your business information and then you can go from there.


With a listing on Manta, it will help you to be found by customers and prospects. You will be able to drive traffic to your business website, as well as make connections, and get all of the data from those that visit your site from there.

City Squares

When you create your listing and add your business to City Squares, it will help local people in the area more easily discover your business there, as well as on search engines.


With a free listing on EZLocal, you will be able to give your visibility in search engines a boost, as well as being able to share business offers, photos, and promotional links.


Best of the Local Web isn’t a free listing site, but you can get a premium listing to help to promote your business, connect social media, and make it easier to convert users into customers.


This is a business directory where users can search specifically for a type of business or expert in what they are looking for. You can register for a free listing to make sure that your business is part of it.


Spoke is an online directory for businesses, where you can register all of your business information for free. You can also create job listings, which is another way it can help to boost your business.

Go Local 247

It is easy to submit a free listing on this site which is going to boost your business. The listing is more detailed than some others, detailing opening hours, as well as types of payment accepted, for example.

Just Landed

Just Landed is a site that gets ten million people visiting per year, that is specifically for new US residents and citizens. If your business offers something that would appeal to expatriates, then listing your business on there could get you seen.

Call Up Contact

With Call Up Contact you can create a free business listing that can help the users to learn more about your business, as well as when others search online.

Adding your business to online directories

By making sure that you have an online presence for your business, it will help potential customers to find you, and is part of your digital marketing. It can be critical for businesses to build online citations for added visibility, but also for the SEO benefits that come as a result, too. banner

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