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The SEO landscape is constantly changing thanks to advances in search technology and changes in the search engine algorithm. Luckily, Google provides some useful ways to optimize your website for performance and popularity. These are Google Analytics and Search Console.

Individually, the Google Analytics system and the Google Search Console provide separate services. Analytics is concerned with user behavior on the website, and the Search Console is about how your website performs in the search engine results. Websites need both services.

In the near future, these two services will be combined by Google so that data can be shared and used more conveniently, but until that happens, you can link the two accounts together and benefit from a more integrated service sooner. The article below tells you how to go about this.

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What is Google Analytics?

Google is the largest search engine on the planet, and its algorithm determines how visible websites are online. That’s why it’s so important to optimize your website according to the Google algorithm requirements. To help with this, Google provides a toolkit free of charge.

Google Analytics is part of the Google Marketing Suite; it’s a service that allows operators to see some of the basic data associated with their business performance online. This data, such as bounce rates, session durations, and conversion data, is key to optimizing your business.

Start using Google Analytics by visiting the official website and putting in your website details. Once you have an account with Google Analytics, you get access to a suite of free tools that give you indispensable data of your website vitals helping you improve its online performance.

What is SearchConsole?

Webmasters are people who build and optimize websites for businesses; part of this process is understanding the Google algorithm and optimizing the website for user intent – that refers to the keywords that customers search for when they look for the products and services on your site.

The Google Search Console exists to support webmasters tool to optimize their websites for performance. Unlike the Google Analytics tools, which offer analytical data about user’s behavior, the Console provides tools to help site builders improve the site’s search performance.

The Google Search Console helps you to understand how Google users the information on your website to rank it in search results; it also helps you to get your content onto Google maps and Google My Business. Finally, it alerts you to issues on the site that could be holding it back.

The difference between Google Analytics and Search Console

On the face of it, there might seem little difference between Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but these suites function differently. Google Analytics, for instance, focuses on user experience and is data-driven; but the Search Console is about search engine performance.

In short, Google Analytics is data-focused, this suite of tools gives you information on who visits the site and what pages they look at while they’re there – you will also get information on how long your visitors remain on the pages that helps you to optimize your content and improve it.

On the other hand, the Google Search Console is search engine-focused; the console is interested in improving the website ranking on search engine results pages, boosting its visibility and performance. It does this by focusing on keywords and optimizing the site for search.

How to link Google Analytics and Search Console?

With so much to offer independently, it would be great if you could configure Google Analytics and the Search console to join forces and accelerate the search engine performance and user experience of your website. Now, you can, by linking the two systems and sharing the data.

First, sign in to your Google Analytics account and click on the Admin button. Now find the Property Settings and scroll down to find the Search Console Settings. At this point, you should see the URL of your website, confirming the console and analytics are configured properly.

Google is moving towards an integrated system with the console and analytics tools forming a single software solution, so now is the time to link the two together and get a head start on the trend. There are two reasons for the integration, one is convenience, and the other is efficiency.

How to use Google Analytics and Search Console?

Google Analytics is used to analyze the data of visitors to your website, while the console deals with how your website ranks on the search results page and includes user experience and the performance of keywords. There are a lot of crossovers which is why there are set to integrate.

The first thing you need to do is open an account with both systems independently. Once you have explored the possibilities of each system in relation to your website, it’s time to link them together and share the data. You can start this process by finding console settings in Analytics.

You want to share data between Analytics and the Console so you can optimize your website more regularly and more accurately. First, you need to enable the search console data in the Analytics app; once again, you can do this by finding search console data through Analytics.

The Wrap-up

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are often conflated since most people don’t understand exactly what each system offers. Actually, the differences are significant and useful to your website in different ways. Analytics is focused on data and the Console on Search.

Google is currently combining the two services, so they communicate more conveniently and share data more efficiently, but you don’t have to wait for this to happen; you can take action now and integrate Analytics and the Console. Linking the two services is very straightforward.

If you want to integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console, make sure your website is registered with both systems, you can then link the accounts through your Google Analytics settings. In the setting, you need to look for Search console Settings and link your accounts. banner

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