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On this page you will find the 20 best business directories in the Philippines. These directories allow you to promote your business to a wider audience. You can add your contact details, a little about your business, and other key selling points that make customers want to give you a call!

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Here are the top business directories or listing sites in the Philippines

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.

Philippines Business Directory

Philippines Business Directory allows you to maximise your marketing strategy through an easy-to-use online hub. Business owners from a whole range of industries, from restaurants to automotive, successfully use this site to promote their Philippines company.

Yellow Pages PH

The good old yellow pages never let you down – and now the online Yellow Pages PH can help your business thrive. You can easily advertise your business with this easy to use online directory.

Pinoy Listing is a local business directory in the Philippines. They help small businesses to achieve their big dreams through their online directory services. If your business is local and small, this is a great directory to list with.

Philippines Business Directory

Not to be confused with the first option on this list, offers marketing, social media posting, regular business listings and growth management all through one amazing service.

Philippine Companies

Philippine Companies is a business directory that offers advertising to a very wide range of industries, from amusement, to construction, to healthcare – and everything in between. No matter your business type, you can advertise successfully through

Sulit Business Directory

Sulit Business Directory aims to show off your business in the best light. The website is easy to use and simple to sign up for! You can also read their blog to get the best tips and tricks for advertising your small business to your local community in the Philippines. is a specialist business directory that has a site dedicated to the Philippines. If you are an expat in the Philippines or are moving there soon, you can list your services, discover jobs, find a wider community and access housing advice all on one site!

Business Tips has a directory section that allows its readers to find jobs and advertise them too. You can beat your competitors by listing your company’s contact details and rates on this well-designed website.

Philippines Cities

Philippines Cities is a helpful guide to all the best hotels, regions, cities, news, and, yes, businesses in the Philippines. You can explore all the country has to offer and advertise your company to those doing the same. If you are searching for customers who are new to the Philippines, this is the ideal listing site for your company.

JB Listing

JB Listing allows you to advertise your business around the Philippines in an easy format. This simple, does-the-job listing site is a great place to market your company. Visit the website today to find out more about what JB Listing can do for your business.

Linkedin Philippines Business Directory

The Linkedin Philippines Business Directory lets you use this corporate social media site to advertise your local Philippines business. By putting your online social networking and your business listing under one website, you can more efficiently market your business while staying connected with others in your industry. This directory has an ever-growing following of users looking for companies to connect with on Linkedin.

No matter what kind of business you have, you can list it through This website is well designed and informative, allowing people to easily find the listings they are interested in and spark a connection.

SEO Training Philippines

SEO Training Philippines is a website that is home to courses, blogs, and general advice about SEO. It also has an awesome business directory that can help you get your small company off the ground. Check it out to find more opportunities to market your brand.


When you list with DitoYan, you will get a business directory that can take your company to new heights. With an awesome review system that lets customers give you feedback and a sleek, contemporary design format, DitoYan is a great Philippines business directory to list with.

On The Map

On The Map allows you to advertise your local Philippines business and beat out the up-and-coming competition. If you run a food business, clothing, electronics, or are a handyman, you can advertise through On The Map to put yourself in the best position to find new customers every day.

Using, you can constantly analyse your Philippines business’ engagement data using their online marketing analysis tools. This means you can measure how successful your posts are and modify them accordingly.

Express Business Directory Philippines

This simple yet effective business directory, Express Business Directory Philippines, lets you put the word out for your business with minimal hassle. If you want a straightforward way of listing your business without any frills, this is the one for you.

DIREKTORYO Philippines

When you list through Direktoryo, you can categorise your company by industry and make sure you give all the details your customers need to know. Direktoryo is a cost-effective and easy business directory in the Philippines.

Yalwa PH

From property advertising to internet services, you can list it all on Yalwa. All you need to do is create an account, and you can list any number of business services through this straightforward, effective business directory in the Philippines.

ECCP Membership Directory

If you offer international services between Europe and The Philippines or want to start doing so, you can do so through the European Chamber of Commerce with The Philippines. This membership system allows you to take your international commerce to the next level, providing training, advice, and a fantastic platform to list your services too.

Using this list, you can find the best business directories and listing sites in the Philippines. Good luck with your listing journey! banner

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