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If you have a blog, small business site, or a corporate online presence, you are probably aiming to rank higher on search engines. After all, showing up on the SERP can truly boost your visibility, authority, brand recognition, and, ultimately, sales.

Luckily, today, there are plenty of proven strategies to implement that can help you climb rankings. And yet, the competition has never been fiercer.

When looking at alternative strategies to outrank your competitors, blogger outreach comes with some benefits you should not ignore – especially if you are trying to enhance your backlinking strategy.

In the sections below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about what blogger outreach is, how to do it for backlinks, and what benefits to expect. Read on!

What Is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is a type of influencer marketing, which, in turn, is a marketing strategy that leverages the fan base, outreach, and following of an influencer. In an era in which consumers mostly trust the advice and opinion of people they trust and respect – such as the influencers they follow -, this strategy can be extremely powerful to increase the exposure and visibility of your own brand.

At its core, a blogger outreach strategy involves contacting an influencer who operates within your niche and has a fan base that is akin to your target market. Depending on your budget and wanted exposure, you will need to review the influencer’s number of fans and followers, and channels used. Then, you can either connect with them via social media pages or write a guest blog for them.

If yours is a new brand or company, blogger outreach is a great way to gain exposure and leverage the fan base of a trusted influencer in your own reach without having to spend time amassing your own followers.

When choosing the right influencer for your goals, you can achieve impressive results, including:

  • Boost traffic to your site
  • Expand your network
  • Increase authority
  • Improve your backlinks
  • Associate your brand with the work of an influencer loved and respected by an audience similar to the one you are targeting.

In exchange for the influencer’s services, you might need to pay a fee or grant them free access to your products and services. And, not many influencers will refuse a product that has been sent to them for free or as a gift – an excellent way to get them to review it and spark the interest of more potential customers.

How To Do Blogger Outreach?

Before getting in the details of a winning blogger outreach strategy, let’s look at the most important steps of this marketing campaign:

  • Finding the right bloggers and influencers to connect with
  • Segmenting the influencers and understanding their potential
  • Establishing the first contact with your chosen influencers
  • Building a genuine and long-lasting relationship with your prospect

In today’s marketing, it is no longer enough to come up with a disruptive, eye-catching billboard to gain the exposure you seek for your brand or company. What you really need is a substantial network and community in which your audience can learn about your brand’s personality and vision.

So, no matter your campaign’s goals, an honest, genuine, and respectful relationship between your brand and the influencer are essential. Here are a few tips to build a winning partnership:

  • Understand the blogger – whether you have opted for a social media influencer or blog writer, make sure you understand their values and voice tone.
  • Think about how to connect with them – your messages should be short and straight to the point.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your feelings – if you have created your brand, you are passionate about your values and mission – make sure to show your passion! It will make your pitches stand out more and build the basis of a genuine relationship with the writer.
  • Consider outreaching yourself – by contacting your chosen influencers by yourself, you have more chances to show your feelings.

More importantly, remember that creativity is essential. A lot of brands and business owners have caught up with the benefits of blogger outreach campaigns, so influencers are flooded with requests every day. Make sure to create pitches that stand out – and creativity can help you!

Blogger Outreach for Link Building: What You Need To Know

Reaching the top positions of the SERP is almost impossible without a winning backlinking strategy. That is why, in the past, many websites opted for black hat techniques and spam strategies that include link farms and comment links.

However, since then, Google – and other search engines – have taken a stance, banning black hat techniques and penalizing the sites that were still using them. Today, there are plenty of alternatives to building backlinks. One of the best ones is to create such authoritative posts that other sites will naturally link back to you. Becoming a thought leader in your niche can be an excellent way to gain that kind of authority.

However, if your brand is still young and you are looking for a strategy that would yield faster results, you should consider blogger outreach services.

Effectively, you would insert a link in the influencer’s post that points back at your site. In this way, it is like the influencer is referencing you, boosting your authority. Of course, the more authoritative the influencer’s site is, the better.

However, remember that it can take months and ongoing efforts to create the right backlink network. Some tips to speed up the process include:

  • Focus on creating meaningful relationships
  • Create one piece of content and share it with contributors
  • Pitch great guest posts
  • Collaborate with an expert agency

The Benefits of Blogger Outreach

There are endless benefits to investing in a blogger outreach strategy to help you build your backlink network. Some of these benefits include:

  • Blogger outreach can truly improve your online visibility
  • It is affordable and cost-effective for most business owners
  • It allows you to build a community and expand your network
  • It can be helpful to tap into new markets and niches
  • It allows you to connect with your target audience and build trust
  • It allows you to expand your brand on a global market

Consult a Digital Marketing Expert

A blogger outreach strategy can be helpful to boost your company’s visibility, climb rankings, and create leads who already have trust and respect for your product. However, each company is unique, and getting the first contact with your chosen influencer right is vital. That is where an expert marketing company can truly help you achieve your goals faster. Get in touch today to discover a tailored blogger outreach solution for your needs. banner

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