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Whether your business is a brand new sole trader service or a well-established medium-sized enterprise, you can never have enough advertising. And when advertising is free, even more reason to make the most of it.

One of the best ways to do this is to get your business name on the internet in as many places as you can. This way, you will rank better on search engines such as Google, Bing, and plenty of others that are used worldwide. When you’re ranked highly, you appear in the first few pages of internet searches, and, in turn, this opens you up to so many more business opportunities than if you weren’t easily visible on the internet.

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Why Should I Register with Business Directories in Poland?

Gone are the days of rifling through the 3-inch thick business yellow pages to find the service you want or need. In today’s world, everything is found online, if not via word of mouth. Therefore, it makes perfect sense as a business owner that you would want to be easily traceable on the internet, along with your competitors, who most probably already are.

What’s more, by registering on business directories or listing sites in Poland, you don’t need to have a website of your own, so you shouldn’t fear being ‘left behind if you’re yet to have your very own piece of the internet dedicated to your business and service offering.

Most, if not all, business listing sites and directories are straightforward to register your details on, and they’re usually free to do so too. With minimal effort on your part, you have access to an effective marketing tool that is sure to boost your customer base.

What Information Should I Include in a Business Listing Site?

Successfully and effectively reaching as many potential customers as possible means providing as much relevant information as possible so you can truly capitalize on the opportunities that are there to be taken.

Contact details

Email addresses, telephone numbers, social media channels; are all vital. Customers all have their own preferred method of contacting people, and what suits Dorothy may not necessarily suit Jayne.

Your trading address is also essential. Filters on business directories mean that customers can search via location or area, or even within a certain radius to where they reside. Ensure your business address is as comprehensive as possible to remain in those filtered search lists.

Sector relevance

Not all business names include what the service actually is that you offer. Perhaps you trade as Mr. Bloggs: no search filter is ever going to know what category to put you into, and you could be losing business by not making it crystal clear as to what it is you offer or sell.

If you provide a whole host of products or services, include them all.


Some business directories enable you to add tags to your listing. This is crucial in ensuring you maximize your reach. Include areas covered and services offered. Think about what your prime customer is likely to search for online to find your business service. Adding that phrase to your listing will help you rank as highly as possible in customer search results.

Top Business Directories in Poland

When looking to promote your Poland business, add your details to as many business directories and listing sites as possible.

Here are some of the top business directories in Poland that you should be looking to sign up for.

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.

Książka Telephone Book

Lookup people and businesses by individual name, business name or phone number, city, and province. The directory is in Polish only.

PKT Yellow Pages

Potential customers can search by company name, keyword, and location. They can also search by popular categories – beauty, fitness, health, hotels, plumbers, restaurants, travel, and more, so remember to add your sector.  The directory is in English and Polish.

Poland Yellow Pages

Search by company name, service, and location. The directory is in English, Polish, and several other languages.

Ditel Telephone Book

The directory is in Polish only

Find companies, professionals, and organizations based in Poland offering their products or services to expatriates.

Cornerstones World

A slick site, easy to use to showcase your business.

Company List

Add your listing for free on Poland Company List

PR Log

Make use of tags so you can easily be found. A global business directory, there are currently 220 businesses registered for Poland specifically.

This directory enables the user to ‘like’ or ‘send a message too.

Members can search as a buyer or a seller to the 1.2millions companies listed. Trust scores can also be built. Premium members can:

  • Contact unlimited buyers (sell yourself!)
  • Add business details and product range (actively advertise, not just list)
  • Get ranked in Google search results
  • Use the Inquiry tracker


Potential customers can refine their search by country and then sector.


From a global business directory, from which you can filter down to just Poland, it is worth signing your details if you wish to deal or ship internationally.

Biz Europe

This site listing links to industry-specific business directories, where Polish customers can find you under the correct sector.


Kompass is a worldwide directory. There’s a very detailed section for each country, including Poland.

Broadnotes Directory

With just one Polish business registered on here, it is worth registering as Broadnotes is one of the top Google results in Poland business directories. Capitalize!

To give you an idea, Getatotz tagline is:


Directory International: Poland

Members can like listings, send messages to businesses as well as the usual searches.

Directory AC

This site also adds a list of popular businesses being searched and viewed at the moment too.

Give your business the very best chance at being found by your potential customers and give yourself a footprint on the internet by registering to any of the above business directories in Poland, ideally all of them, to really maximize your chances. banner

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