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Web designers and builders have become more creative with how they build websites these days. The use of illustrations to give websites a unique appearance while passing a specific message at the same time has become very popular. Experts say that this is better than using images that can be replicated on other websites.

But this calls for a high level of expertise, creativity, and the use of the right theme to catch the audience’s attention. That is why both website owners and builders should know more about the trend of using illustration in web design.

Go Through the Most Popular Illustration Themes

Although one can create an illustration from scratch, it is better to buy premade ones and customize them to your needs through your experts. This is because they are highly customizable for websites by ensuring compatibility with all devices and SEO enhancement.

Together with your web expert, you will be required to research popular illustrations that are in use today and the value that they add to a website. If what they offer is not exactly what you are looking for, then all you need to do is press next because there are many more to check.

Examples of Popular Illustration Themes for Websites

According to iLustra agency experts, the illustrations may look similar when two web owners are initially choosing them, but once they are customized, each website will stand out in a unique way. So, consider the following to be some of the best illustrations for websites:

  • Iwit – If you are looking for an eye-catching illustration theme, this is the best choice. It includes a series of characters with different functions a simple text. It is more visual than contextual.
  • Ericsteuten – According to some experts, the theme contains a lot of activities for the eye. However, it magically retains its cool and it is easy for people to follow what is happening and understand the intended message. Thus, it is one of the best illustration themes to consider when making a new website for your business.
  • Get My Boss to North Cape – This is a common web illustration theme for fitness websites, and cycling websites to be more precise. It is eye-catching and readers will quickly understand the message portrayed here.
  • Launch Kit – This theme for web design websites uses a simple approach without the graphics affecting the message. The illustration does not explain much about the text, but it remains one of the most preferred themes by many.
  • Lutopi – One of the most colorful illustration themes is Lutopi. It is based on animation and retains a very simple approach. The text is also minimal because the readers will get the bigger picture when they interact with this illustration theme.


As you think about how to make your website stand out among the competitors, considering these illustration themes is the best idea. Make sure that you have discussed your needs well with the builder so that they can assist in choosing a theme and customization to fit your needs. Do not make the mistake of choosing a theme that both of you do not understand to avoid messing up the website.

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