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Marketing your business through search engines like Google can be a challenge. Business directories and listings can help with this process, and those in Thailand have plenty of options on offer when they’re looking for websites like this.

Let’s explore a range of business directories available to those in Thailand to give you an idea of what you can use to get improve your SEO. Some are free and some come with fees, but they can all help your business.

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Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.

Express Business Directory

Express business directory is a free directory with paid options that has been designed to work for business across the globe. With a foothold in Thailand, this can be a great place to start when you’re looking to generate backlinks in Asia. The site’s Google-style listings make it perfect for those looking to improve SEO.

Indore Dekho

Indore Dekho is one of the largest business directories found in India, with branches for many countries across Asia. The size of this website means that it has a strong DA score, making it ideal for those looking for quality backlinks in Thailand. You can submit both free and paid listings to this website.

Entrepreneur SME

Entrepreneur SME is an Asia-wide business directory website with plenty of options for small and medium sized businesses. You can post a free listing on this website, while also having the option pay for adverts that will get your company seen by more people. Whichever option you choose, this site will provide a good backlink.


Expat is a global directory website aimed at English-speakers looking for businesses across the world. With sections for just about every country and business type, Expat is ideal for those looking for both quality backlinks and the chance to generate leads. This website is completely free to get started with.

Thai Websites

As its name suggests, Thai websites is a directory aimed at websites solely in Thailand. This makes it a great local directory for businesses looking to expand their reach within the country, though there are strict rules in place to ensure that the website doesn’t receive spam listings. This means that you have to put effort into your post, but this will be worth it for the backlink your receive.

We Love Bangkok Thailand

We Love Bangkok Thailand is another directory aimed at those within the country. This site is designed primarily for hospitality businesses, and this means that it won’t suit everyone. You can post your listing for free or pay for a featured listing when you first sign up, but you will receive a quality backlink with whichever method you choose.

Thailand Guide 24

Much like Love Bangkok Thailand, Thailand Guide 24 is another travel directory website which is aimed at hospitality businesses. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, or any other business in this category, this website is perfect for you. You can choose between paid or free listings, giving you the chance to try the website out.


While Explorer4Thailand is mostly aimed at travel, it also has categories for heneral businesses that will suit local people. This provides a good balance to your business, while also giving you a place to generate a free backlink with little effort. Paying for a listing on this website will give you access to premium support.

Thai Business

Thai Business is a directory with categories for just about every business type, with a high DA score and good searchability. This website is free to use, making it good for those who just want to make more backlinks for their website. Of course, though, you will need to put some effort in to make a listing that stands out.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is a paid directory and marketing company that not only posts listings, but can also provide support with other aspects of your marketing. With a very good DA score, it can be worth the small free that comes with a listing to make sure that you get the backlinks you need to thrive on search engines.

Thailand Directory

Thailand directory is another travel-oriented listing website, providing loads of options for businesses that fall into the hospitality sector. You can list your business for free, and will gain access to loads of tools that can help you to improve your marketing on search engines like Google.


AngloInfo is designed for English-speakers looking for businesses in countries across the world. With a high DA score, this site will provide you with a good backlink, and you can register your account for free to get started. This site also offers advertising services, enabling you to make more out of your directory listing.

Thailand Classifieds

A simple and stripped back website, Thailand Classifieds is an easy website to use for those first starting with their directory listings. This site operates solely in Thailand and you can make a listing for free, making it ideal for those looking to build easy local backlinks. You can register businesses in just about any category on this website.


Yenino is just about the largest global business directory online, providing companies across the world with free listings that generate very good backlinks. With an easy interface and plenty of options, this site is a must-have for most businesses. You can post businesses of any type on this website.


Wongnai is a Thai alternative to websites like Yelp, providing local business listings in the hospitality sector. This site is designed to be used by local people rather than tourists, giving you access to genuine reviews and other useful tools that can help your business. The only downside is that this website doesn’t benefit from localisation for countries outside Thailand.

As you can see, you have access to loads of directories to support your business in Thailand. Each of these websites can provide a good backlink to improve your SEO, but you need to make sure that you provide unique content to each of the ones you decide to sign up for to get the best results. banner

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