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The Trend of Using Illustration in Web Design

Web designers and builders have become more creative with how they build websites these days. The use of illustrations to give websites a unique appearance while passing a specific message at the same time has become very popular. Experts say that this is better than...

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Tips for Hiring Millennials and Keeping Them Around

These days, it is hard to discuss anything related to business or hiring without hearing about Millennials. One of the things that makes this younger generation so attractive to businesses is that they grew up in the digital age, meaning that they are familiar with...

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Feng Shui Tips for Your Office

Using Feng Shui in an office is just as an important use of Feng Shui as it is for the bedroom. All of us have a tendency to spend many hours in our offices, whether it is an outside work environment or in a home office. It is a very good idea to try to connect all of...

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