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How to Use Heading Tags for SEO?

Heading tags serve a few purposes on your website. They’re great at providing more structure to your content and making your articles more appealing to read and more digestible for your readers. On top of that, they bring a range of SEO benefits that’ll help attract...

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How to Optimize Images for SEO?

Images are vital for your website and your ability to engage your visitors and customers. Your content will be much more accessible and appealing to the people visiting your site when you have the right images in place and when those images are properly optimized for...

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Domain Names – SEO Best Practices

Buying a domain name is one of the first steps in starting your own website, but it's also an essential step for SEO. The domain you choose can help or hinder your search engine rankings and traffic, so choosing carefully is crucial to success. This article will take...

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Is SEO a Good Career? Scope of SEO

SEO: career of the future or dead-end job? In this post, we find out. We ask whether learning SEO is worth it right now, whether there’s a real future in it, and how much SEO experts earn, in general. Is learning SEO worth it? SEO – or search engine optimization –...

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